October 2021

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Don't you just love the colors of Autumn? It's such a transformative time of year as the leaves turn a myriad of vibrant shades. As we all prepare for cooler days ahead, the RPSV team is excited by the possibilities the coming season brings.

Our participants are truly prospering through our evidence-based peer support outreach. Read on to learn about the many exciting things happening at our Centers and virtually. Thanks for being part of the RPSV family! We value you.

Here's what happened at RPSV in September!

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Each week participants from across Northern Virginia (and often nationwide) join our virtual support groups. The groups offer a variety of ways individuals can get the support they need to pursue and maintain their recovery. What an honor!

African American man working from his home office.

RPSV launched its Warm Line effort last Spring in the midst of COVID-19 to help support those we serve who were having challenges dealing with social isolation and loneliness. The Warm Line is designed to intervene before a crisis ensues.

Since the Warm Line was launched, hundreds of individuals call each month, proving the value of this key program.


The team at RPSV's Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) in Annandale is developing a partnership with the Salvation Army to encourage those they serve to take advantage of our day programs. We welcome their participants and are excited about this special new partnership!


Welcome to Earlene Smith from Skill Source (another key partner of ours). She is a Recovery Facilitator.



It’s been just over a month since the Merrifield Peer Resource Center (MPRC) reopened. Everyone is happy to be back!

Staff worked closely with a member of the CSB's Office of Assessment to help a participant get into a shelter. Staff were able to help him request medical files and find transport to RPSV's South County Center over the weekend.#howfantastic!

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Back view of female employee talk speak on team video call with diverse ...

Reston Wellness Center (RWC) welcomed more new faces this month, we are so glad they are with us!

In September the RWC team served 315 hot meals! Once again highlighting the issue of food insecurity for those we serve!

RWC has begun giving out sweaters gloves, and light coats to participants.


RWC's virtual and on-site groups remain very popular. They offer topics such as coping during the pandemic, using music to relieve stress, how to sleep better, public speaking, and more. Staff also continue to offer one-on-ones to participants. Sometimes these happen over a fun board game! #creative!

Last month, two of RWC participants secured employment and one secured housing after the application we helped him complete was approved. #phenomenal!


Arlington Peers (Literally) Helping Peers In Recovery

Adam came to the Arlington Peers Helping Peers in Recovery (APHPR) as a participant seeking help for his search for employment. The team at APHPR asked him if he would conduct a Drama workshop since he was at the Center. Adam is recovering from depression. He values the support he gets at the Center through the one-on-one and group sessions.

Adam appreciates the meals and snacks he receives and now conducts a drama workshop on Fridays. He feels safe at APHPR and the workshops he conducts combine physical

exercise with mental alertness which he enjoys. He encourages others to attend APHPR. He enjoys the fact that everyone brings their own point of view and experience, it helps him to continue to grow and learn.


Adam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Television and Film Production from DeSales University. He is seeking part-time employment to supplement his monthly SSI check. We are proud of his growth and how he is using his skills to help others! Thank you, Adam.

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Securing Housing in South County

Kelvin L. became homeless in 2019. He shared that, although he sometimes feels hopeless he has never given up because of the support he receives at RPSV's South County Recovery and Drop-In Center (SCRDIC).

Kelvin is grateful for the staff and other participants who encourage him to stay connected by attending groups, talking about his feelings, and staying humble. He also values the clothing SCRDIC provides. He especially appreciates the meals provided at the Center. 

Kelvin is resilient! He has gone from sleeping on the pavement to moving into the Kennedy Shelter, to moving into his very own apartment!! He even recently secured employment. He still drops by SCRDIC to visit and encourage those seeking help! #waytogoKelvin!!

Join Us! Download RPSV's October calendar today!

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Graphic by RPSV staffer Brittany G. Great job!


A comment from Sean R. who attends the CWC in Annandale 

"The Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) has been a positive influence on me. I have learned computer skills, and can now navigate online applications and create resumes. CWC has also helped me with art projects to help me to be creative and patient."

"The group sessions help me with coping and learning skills. I have also received food assistance at the CWC. I'm thankful for them. I have benefited immensely because of their staff, programs, and services!"

In The Community


RPSV participated in Volunteer Fairfax's VolunteerFest 2021 on September 11. It was our second year in a row as a recipient of the generosity of the program's efforts. The day was chosen to honor those we lost on that fateful day 20 years ago. What a beautiful way to remember and honor them!

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During the event, more than 80 people from across Fairfax County created positive social media posts for our participants, made masks to keep them safe, and made Homeless Survival Kits! (The kits are a year-round project we offer to those we serve without a home.)

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In fact, RPSV received ~300 kits in total (just #incredible!). Nearly 150 kits were delivered on 9/11 alone. Our participants and staff were overwhelmed with emotion because of the amazing sentiment and care volunteers put into the kits, many of which went out the door with our participants the same day they arrived!

Please see our video to thank those who participated in Volunteer Fairfax's VolunteerFest 2021 below. We can't say it enough. We appreciate your support tremendously!


Special Thanks

to RPSV Board member Eric Zutler who graciously represented us at the Reston Chamber's Net Night event held on September 30. Many individuals and businesses learned about the great work RPSV is doing in the Reston area as a result!

We can't thank you enough, Eric. You are truly a friend of RPSV's! Thank you, too, to the Reston Chamber and everyone who stopped by to learn more about our services! We appreciate you!

September was National Recovery Month!

National Recovery Month is a time to educate people on what Recovery is all about, and to celebrate the trials and triumphs of those in the midst of it. At RPSV, we know how challenging life can be and we are honored to help our participants as they march forward to achieve the life of their dreams.

In lieu of our annual picnic which was cancelled due to COVID-19, we made a video to honor those we serve. We hope you will enjoy it with us. The video footage was graciously taken by volunteer JJ of JJ Photos (His website is JJ-photos.com). Thank you, JJ! You are #awesome!


Design by volunteer graphic designer Amy C. Thanks, Amy!

A Chess Match At Merrifield's Peer Resource Center recently...


The 20th Annual Pathways to Wellness Conference is less than a week away! Sign up today! You don't want to miss it!

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