Infocomm 2019
Booth Recap
Thank you to all those who attended Infocomm 2019! You made this year one of our best yet. Check out our booth recap below for more information onour different products showcased this year.

rp Visuals is here to support you with your Creative Visual Structure needs and Engineered Screen Solution projects.

Keep us in mind for all of your Large, Curved, Tilted,
and Architecturally Integrated projects.
Featured Products:
Ultra Thin Bezel Swing Mounts

Our Swing Mount is the leading solution for Ultra Thin Bezel Flat Panels. This year we mounted Christie Razors in a 2x2 array and Barco LVDs in a 3x1 array.

Our solution provides a repeatable seam both when the panels swing alone or as a unitized column.
Wallmate 32MAX

Our Wallmate 32MAX In-Wall Back Box Solution Provides you with:

Additional Storage Space

Built-in 2" Horizontal Shift

16" X-Arm Extension
Dual-View Curved
Projection Screen

Did you see our mock up of the AKC Project in a curved solution?

Find out more about our AKC project on our website!
Interactive Panels
Curved on Swing Mounts

Our Swing Mount solution can be made flat, curved, or unitized for large panel matrix!

They solve for both rear serviceability and are sturdy enough to be paired with an Interactive Panel. At the show we partnered with Multitaction to create this curved 3x1 display.

Conical LED Display

Our conical curved LED Mount took
SiliconCore custom trapezoidal tiles to create a structure where each row was one inch smaller at the top than at the bottom. This allowed us to make an LED wall curve and tilt downward.