The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS)'s Health and Genetics Committee is pleased to announce that we will be conducting an online health survey in 2020. Our goal is to perform this survey once every 5 years. We hope by capturing a “snapshot” every five years we will be able to spot and identify trends. The survey will be open from September to December and will be completed using OFFA’s technology and will be posted in their Breed Survey section.  The compiled data will also be posted on the RRCUS website in early 2021. This survey is designed for registered Rhodesian Ridgebacks only.

THERE ARE TWO SECTIONS. The first section is to be filled out for every Ridgeback you currently (in 2020) have in your household. We are asking breeders to coordinate with your puppy owners so that we can be assured there is only one set of data for each dog.  The second section is the Breeder’s section.  This is only to be filled out by Breeders who have had at least one litter in 2019/2020. This section is only to be filled out once.
DIRECTIONS: Click link above or go to - Select “About” and a pull - down menu will appear. Select “Heath Surveys” and select “Rhodesian Ridgeback” and then “Answer Survey.” When you get to the “Diagnosed” section, if you answer yes to any of those questions a pull- down menu will appear below which will ask you to be more specific regarding your general answer.  For example, if you say yes to “Cancer” a pull- down menu will appear below listing cancers in alphabetical order.

We’ve added a few additional questions but have kept all of the questions that were asked in the last survey in the interest of consistency.

By participating and filling out this survey you will be helping us to direct research funding, identify concerning or positive trends, and to assist breeders in making decisions that will improve the health of our breed.

All health survey responses are completely anonymous.
Thank you!

The RRCUS Health and Genetics Committee