Welcome to the first newsletter of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Vocational Rehabilitation Practices for Youth and Young Adults (the Center).  The Center operates under a five year grant from the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) to conduct relevant vocational rehabilitation research, translate and disseminate knowledge from its work, and provide evidence-based technical assistance and training to stakeholders and partners
The Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) and other relevant stakeholder groups and organizations will assist and advise the Center in these research and knowledge translation activities. Thus the Center will yield a contemporary and thoroughly informed description of proven VR practices in serving youth and young adults with disabilities. The result will be a deeper understanding of the knowledge, policies, and practices that enable youth to assume employment and productive careers

"We are learning every day that we should presume that all youth and young adults are employable. This new Center will help establish evidence for those conditions and services that will promote this goal." - Dr. Richard Luecking
Each of the Center's partners - TransCen, Inc., University of Maryland-College Park, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. and the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts-Boston - have studied and worked on related issues of transition and employment for over two decades. The Lead Investigators, Dr. Richard Luecking (TransCen, Inc.), Dr. Ellen Fabian (University of Maryland) and Dr. Todd Honeycutt (Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.) will lead a team of accomplished researchers and practitioners in transition, employment and VR service evaluation. 

"This RRTC, drawing on the combined strengths of its partners, and the combined experience of the staff, offers an unparalleled opportunity to improve the lives of youth with disabilities, by improving the VR services from which they benefit.
Dr. Ellen Fabian
In light of the recent Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) legislation, the Center and its studies will highlight strategies and information that will assist VR agencies in implementing WIOA related requirements 

"Promoting successful transitions for youth with disabilities is an increasingly important topic, especially given the changes that are taking place as part of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The information that will result from the Center's projects will be an important part of the transition discussion for policy makers, practitioners, and researchers, as well as for youth and families."
Dr. Todd Honeycutt

Graduate Certificate Program Announcement:

Obtain a Graduate Professional Studies Certificate through the University of Maryland. This one year online program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals in the field by offering one class at a time. There are a limited number of partial scholarships available. Classes start the fall of 2015 and deadline for application is July 1, 2015. For more information: click here.
Upcoming Issues: 

Highlights of each of the Center's primary studies will be discussed in the next five issues.

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