January 25, 2018
A Note from the School's Nurse about the Flu Season
Dear RSA Parents,

With the cold and flu season upon us, please keep the following guidelines in mind when deciding whether or not to send your child to school. This will help to control the spread of infectious diseases at school and allow your child to be available for learning. Students should remain home for the following reasons:

• For a temperature greater than 100 degrees: Children should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school and not taking fever reducing medication to control symptoms.
• If diagnosed with a strep infection: Students need to be on an antibiotic for a minimum of 24 hours, fever free, and feeling well before returning to school.
• If your child has vomited or had persistent diarrhea during the night or in the morning before school.
• If your child has a heavy, moist productive cough, chest congestion, or discolored nasal drainage.
• If your child has pinkeye (conjunctivitis). Students need to have completed 24 hours of medication, and have no visible redness or discharge before returning to school.

Students returning to school should be kept home until they have been symptom free for 24 hours. This is important for your child’s health and the health of his/her classmates. Please continue to remind your child of the importance of frequent hand washing, healthy eating, and proper use and disposal of tissues during this cold and flu season.

When notifying the school of your child’s absence, please give us the reason for the absence. Efforts will be made to alert classmate’s parents of physician confirmed illnesses such as strep throat, pink eye, or chicken pox to help control the spread of infection.

Thank you for your cooperation in this very important matter. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at (201) 758-5590 extension 108.

Lucia Zamora, LPN
Rising Star Academy School Nurse
Jazakum Allah Khair for a Successful Family Fun Night
Mashallah, our annual Family Fun Night was a great success! Thank you to all parents who joined us in our celebration as we acknowledged our students' achievements in their Quran Competition. We all enjoyed watching the award ceremony as well as the students' performances. Special thanks go to all parents who generously contributed to our school's auction. Your contributions and continuous support are greatly appreciated! Special thanks also go to RSA staff for their dedication and hard work that made our night a special and rewarding one.. May Allah SWT bless all your sincere efforts.
Bingo Night...
A Peek Inside RSA Classrooms..
Project Based Learning in Sr. Izdihar's Arabic Class
After completing their lesson about "The Life of Prophet Noah", Sr. Izdihar's 7th graders chose a scene from the story, created a model and presented it to their classmates explaining the lessons and morals learned from the story.
Visualizing Folktales in Sr. Ahlam's Literature Class..
High school juniors worked on bringing their folktales to life through paint. Inspired by stories from “A Thousand and One Nights”, students wrote their own folktales and the culminating activity was to paint a character, item, or scene from their personal folktale. 
Upcoming Events
In-Class Spelling Bee
February 1st, 2018
Students in KG through 8th grade will be tested on their spelling bee lists. The top five students will move on to the second round, the In-School spelling Bee scheduled for March 1st.
100 Days of School Celebration
February 8th, 2018
Students in Pre-K through 3rd grade look forward every year to celebrate the 100th day of school. Celebration will include activities and projects that revolve around the number 100. Parent volunteers are welcome to join and be part of their children's special day.
Snow Tubing Trip
February 13, 2018
Our annual snow tubing trip is around the corner. Students who are interested to join should return their forms to Br. Abraham before tickets get sold out.
8th & 9th PSAT
February 28, 2018
8th and 9th students will be taking their PSAT exam in the school. Students have been practicing for their PSAT since the beginning of the school year. Registration forms will be available soon.
Rising Star Academy Mission Statement
Rising Star Academy aims to provide an inclusive educational environment, where students of diverse backgrounds feel safe and inspired to become life-long learners. RSA nurtures academic excellence and strong Islamic values of character, leadership, faith and community in a positive learning environment.
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