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Fall 2016 Highlights!

Issue #1
November 30, 2016
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Assalamu'Alaikum RSA Family,
       As we start the second quarter of the school year, we would like to commend the hard work of all our enthusiastic students and committed teachers. Mashaallah, many initiatives took place this year and student growth is evident in multiple aspects. 

Open House Thank You:
Report cards open house is one of the best events for parents and teachers to support our children's academic growth. Thank you parents for making the time to meet with your child's teachers and for what you do to help set up your child for success at school and beyond. Parental involvement is key to the success of a child's academic journey and your presence in school activities makes a big difference.

Enjoy reading the rest of the newsletter and browsing through the great highlights of this Fall so far!
Quran Competition &  Family Fun Night
Our annual Quran competition is rescheduled to Thursday, December 8th inshaallah. All students in grades Pre-K to 12 will be participating with their assigned surahs. Results and awards will be distributed in our Family Fun Night on Friday December 16th. All parents are encouraged to attend and celebrate their children's success. Join us in a fun night full of students' performances, auction, dinner and much more.
RSA Celebrates its Seven Year Formal MSA Accreditation Notification
With Allah's guidance and support, and the hard work and dedication of all its stakeholders, Rising Star Academy received a seven year formal notification for MSA accreditation. The RSA family proudly enjoyed a school wide celebration to acknowledge the sincere efforts of all the planning team members. Keep shining RSA. Takbir!

Way to go RSA!!
Color Run
This was RSA's first annual Color Run, and it was spectacular!  Students, families and alumni enjoyed a fun-filled day or jogging (or walking!), great food and best of all amazing company!  Inshallah, we'll see you again next year!

Annual College Fair
Another successful College Fair, alhamduallah! RSA high school students chatted with representatives from a wide range of universities!  


Princeton Museum Trip

RSA's high school students enjoyed a day at Princeton University.  As part of their history curriculum, students enjoyed an outdoor sculpture tour, part of the John B. Putnam Collection. Another great memory to add to their high school collection.

Apple Picking Fun
Our annual Apple Picking trip was a fun-filled day for our entire school!  Pre-k -12th grade enjoyed a sunny day picking fresh apples from the orchard.


Seniors Tour at  Montclair State University
Seniors exploring their future options at Montclair State University.  JAK Sr. Ekrim for coordinating this trip!

3rd Grade Matilda Trip
Yet another successful Broadway trip, alhamduallah!  Sr. Tamam's 3rd grade enjoyed a day out in the city, as they bid farewell to Matilda (this is the last season it plays!).  We can't wait to see what Sr. Tamam has in store for us next year, inshallah!

Brooklyn Battery Park Trip
Hosted by Doctors Without Borders, 8th and 9th grade students attended a refugee exhibit.  The exhibit detailed the plight of 21st century refugees.  May Allah (swt) ease all the suffering of our brothers and sisters undergoing hardship.

Pink Hijab Day Celebration

RSA students and staff continue to support breast cancer research and awareness. 

1st Grade Arts Auction

What a fun time in Sr. Yuri's 1st grade class!  Her talented artists auctioned their works of art to help raise class funds.  

KG Alphabet Party

RSA's Kindergarten class celebrated their accomplishments with a special Alphabet Party! They created a special ABC book, brought foods for each letter, painted their alphabet t-shirts and performed for their families. Alhamdulilah, it was a great success!

2nd & 3rd Grade Elections  Campaign
What better way to learn about the election cycle than to participate! Students experienced what it would feel like to cast a ballot, so exciting!   

Project Based Learning in Pre-K
As always, Pre-K is busy learning through hands-on activities! What better way to learn than through art, fun and games?

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Rising Star Academy aims to provide an inclusive educational environment, where students of diverse backgrounds feel safe and inspired to become life-long learners. RSA nurtures academic excellence and strong Islamic values of character, leadership, faith and community in a positive learning environment.

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