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Cancer Immunotherapy and the Application of In Vitro Immunoassays in Drug Discovery
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WuXi AppTec DEL Teaching Lab
a new DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Lab dedicated to support partners conducting DEL screening

This new lab, located in Natick Massachusetts, is a multi-faceted screening and analytical facility with the express purpose of supporting successful learning and hit finding results for WuXi AppTec partners who are pursuing DNA encoded screening projects. 
The lab helps researchers with key aspects of DEL affinity screening, including contamination control, bead selection, bead capture, and affinity selection. Importantly, the researcher is in complete control of the confidentiality of their target protein throughout the process.
Upcoming webinars | Nov 2 & 9
Join these webinars to learn more about:
  • Basics of how the WuXi AppTec DEL-encoded library (DEL) platform works,
  • Workflow and costs for academic labs to access DELopen and how a pharmaceutical company would use a DELight kit.
  • Advantages and limitations of fragment-based and structure-based drug discovery
  • The importance of protein quality and protein construct for the successful screening campaigns
  • Advantages and limitations of biophysical approaches (e.g., SPR, MST, TRIC/Dianthus, nanoDSF, ITC).
Upcoming webinar|Dec 9 | 11:00 am ET | 9:00 am PT | 4:00 pm GMT
Cancer Immunotherapy and the Application of
In Vitro Immunoassays in Drug Discovery
In this webinar, we will review the WuXi AppTec immunology platform and its application for the evaluation of drug efficacy in preclinical research. We will highlight multiple immunology assays that enable exploration of the function of a variety of immune cells including T cells, B cells, NK cells, and macrophages. 
Through case studies, we will demonstrate the importance of interrogating the stimulation, differentiation, and suppression of immune cells; and the interaction between immune system components and cancer cells.
On-demand Webinar | QM & AI
in Med Chem Syntheses
View our Quantum Mechanics webinar now available on-demand! Hear from Dr. John in an exploration of these cutting edge methods and learn about the new eBook titled “Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists. An Experimentalist Approach.”
Biopharma Conference | Neurosciences | Nov 9-12
During these 4 days meetings, you can connect with Dr. Dave Madge, Vice President, Research Services Division to discuss your projects for the development of future CNS therapeutics.
Join us for SITC virtual 2020, where WuXi AppTec scientists will share our latest cancer-related research. Download our Oncology & Immunology Brochure.
9th Advances in Chemical Sciences Symposium | Nov 12
Join MEDCHEM members to learn more about the new medicines and therapies forward to the clinic to meet unmet need. Connect with Yu Chen, Director Of Business Development, to discuss your medicinal chemistry projects.