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The rate limiting step in chemistry discovery is synthesis. Various Machine Learning/Rule based retrosynthesis tools can lead to novel route planning approaches. And through Quantum Mechanics methods, we can expand our predictive capacity in route evaluation.
Join John S. Wai Ph.D., in an exploration of these cutting edge methods and learn about the new eBook titled “Quantum Mechanics for Organic Chemists. An Experimentalist Approach.”
Bioconjugate Chemistry: WuXi AppTec Developed Novel DNA-Compatible Copper-mediated Oxidative Amidation Reaction, in Collaboration with AbbVie
 DNA-encoded libraries allow for the rapid synthesis of a large chemical library of millions to billions of compounds. The billions of distinct library members of a DEL can be screened to find hit molecules that bind to specific proteins. The structural information on the hit molecules can then be analyzed according to the sequences of the linked DNA tags. At present, the formation of many of the desired chemical motifs for DELs have not been well established.
Recently, Dr Xuanjia Peng (WuXi AppTec HitS Unit), in collaboration with AbbVie, has reported a DNA-compatible protocol for synthesizing amides from DNA-bound aldehydes and non-nucleophilic arylamines including aza-substituted anilines, 2-aminobenzimidazoles, and 3-aminopyrazoles.

View this webinar to hear experts from the University of Dundee and WuXi AppTec, Research Service Division shared valuable insights on protein degradation technologies that enable the discovery and characterization of new molecules employing this modality.

Learn more about:
  • Protein Production
  • Biophysics & Screening platform
  • Orthogonal validation
  • Structural biology
Biopharma Conference | Oncology | Sept 22-24
During this 2 day conference, meet with Dave Madge, PhD, Vice President, Research Services Division to discuss your projects and to learn more about our platforms which support drug discovery and development of future cancer therapeutics.
Protein Degradation Summit| Sept 28-30

E-meet our experts, Alice Zhang, PhD, Associate Director Strategy Support, and Alex Satz, PhD, Senior Director DEL Strategy and Operations who will be presenting:
“DNA-Encoded Libraries in Drug Discovery: Recent Advances in Screening and Chemistry Methods
The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science | Sept 29

Meet our expert Dr. Nan Zhao at this leading industry conference, take the opportunity to join interesting panel discussions, and connect with her to discuss your Drug Discovery projects.