September 26-29, 2021
Indianapolis, Indiana
Key Dates for Exhibitors

December 8, 2020 - RSI opens first round of exhibit sales to RSI members in good standing

February 1, 2021 - RSI opens second round to non-RSI members and new members who did not renew in 2020

March 2021 - RSI expects to finalize a floor plan and make space assignments
RSI Exhibit Space Now on Sale for Railway Interchange 2021
Dear RSI Members and Exhibitors,
RSI’s first round of priority exhibit space placement at Railway Interchange 2021 is now open. The first round will be open exclusively to RSI member companies in good standing, which is limited to dues-paying members for calendar year 2020. The first round will conclude on January 31. Typically, over 40% of the exhibit hall is reserved in the first round.

Applications submitted during the first round will be ranked and placed through the exhibitor priority points system. Companies not renewing their membership yearly with RSI lose all priority points. Should that company return as a member of RSI, that company shall start over in accruing priority points.

Priority Point Calculation Rules

  • Five points for companies that have been members of RSI since 2011. 
  • One priority point for each year of RSI membership since 2011.
  • One priority point for each year of exhibiting
For more information on the points system, please review our points policy.

We plan to begin making first round exhibit space assignments in March. We have opted to wait until March to put together our exhibit hall map due to evolving industry standards and safety recommendations around Covid-19.
If you are not sure of your membership status or would like to join RSI, you can reach out to our join or renew online here or reach out to John Hebert at
We appreciate your understanding and patience as we make adjustments and move forward with what we expect to be a very successful show next fall.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and I look forward working with you.
Amanda Patrick
VP Trade Shows
Railway Supply Institute