• When an Employee Wants to Move to a Different State

  • Real Estate Taxes in Illinois are Lawfully Paid When They are Already Delinquent. Why?

  • Making Your Business Website ADA Compliant

  • Nature of Property Damage is Key to Trigger Insurance Coverage for Construction Defect Claims
When an Employee Wants to Move to a Different State
By Ariel B. Cutts
Telephone: 312.456.0290

Many remote employees are taking advantage of the flexibility and contemplating a move to another state. What are some considerations for the employer if an employee wishes to continue working remotely in a state where the employer does not have an office? The initial step is to assess whether the employee’s work can be done remotely on a permanent basis. Many employers may find it easier to consider this possibility after the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Real Estate Taxes are Lawfully Paid When They are Already Delinquent. Why?
By Richard Lee Stavins
Telephone: 312.456.0371
Real estate taxes in Illinois are levied as a percentage of the value of the real estate as of January 1 of each tax year, and the tax automatically becomes a lien on the real estate as of that day. Thus, the 2021 real estate tax that is assessed on a particular parcel of real estate will depend on the parcel’s value as of January 1, 2021.  In theory, the 2021 tax is due in 2021 and if not paid in 2021 is deemed delinquent, the lien will be foreclosed by the County, and the property will be sold at auction, all in 2021. Right? Wrong.
Making Your Business Website
ADA Compliant
By Jennifer M. Sender
Telephone: 312.456.0373
The internet provides freedom beyond the four walls of our homes and offices. Yet, for many disabled people, the internet can be filled with as many obstacles as the physical world. To address this lack of access, websites and mobile apps which offer goods and services are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). In 2020, the number of lawsuits alleging lack of digital accessibility increased by 25%. 80% of the ADA lawsuits were filed against retail stores.
Nature of Property Damage is Key to Trigger Insurance Coverage for Construction Defect Claims
By Tina M. Paries
Telephone: 312.456.0384
To determine whether commercial general liability insurance policies cover defective construction work, courts look at allegations in a lawsuit to determine whether the alleged damage constitutes “property damage” caused by an “occurrence” or an “accident.” If the complaint against the contractor alleges construction defects that require repair or replacement of the contractor’s product, then there is no “occurrence” or “accident” unless the damage alleged extends to other people or things that were not part of the contractor’s work.
Aspire's Podcast Series Connects with RSP
Andrés Gallegos was interviewed for Aspire’s podcast series, Amplify Inclusion on July 20th and 27th. The two interviews focused on sharing Andrés' personal story and discussing barriers to healthcare for people with disabilities and identifying comprehensive solutions.

Andrés also was a panel member for Aspire’s webinar on the topic “Building Disability Equity in Healthcare” held August 5th. The webinar focused on critical issues connected to health and wellness for people with disabilities. Aspire is recognized as a leader in providing services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.
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RSP Welcomes Two New Attorneys

RSP welcomed attorney Andrés J. Gallegos II on August 2nd. Andrés concentrates his practice in the areas of Disability Rights, Business Transactions, Construction Law, and Healthcare Law. As an Associate with the firm, he collaborates with senior partners in protecting the civil rights of people across all categories of disabilities and in representation of public companies and privately-owned entities for diverse business industries. To view Andrés full bio, click here.

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RSP also welcomed Shareholder Tina M. Paries on September 7th. With over 20 years of legal experience, Tina concentrates her practice on all aspects of construction law and represents a wide variety of clients, including owners, developers, architects, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors. She also is involved in the drafting and negotiation of contracts for both public and private projects and has extensive experience litigating construction disputes. To view Tina's full bio, click here.

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Vince Borst
 Telephone: 312.456.0182 | Email:

Vince Borst was appointed a member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) Legal Committee for a three-year term. ELFA is a trade association that represents companies in the nearly $1 trillion equipment finance sector, which includes financial services companies and manufacturers engaged in financing capital goods.
Rita W. Garry
 Telephone: 312.456.0285 | Email:

Rita W. Garry authored “The State of the States’ Consumer Privacy Laws" published July 30th in Lawyer Monthly, a news publication covering legal issues from around the world. Rita’s article examined data privacy laws in the U.S. and how they have developed across multiple jurisdictions. Rita also was appointed to serve as a Section Council Member for the Privacy and Information Security Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association.
R. Kymn Harp
 Telephone: 312.456.0378 | Email:

R. Kymn Harp authored the article “Key Considerations for Adaptive Reuse Projects” for Commercial Property Executive published August 17th. Commercial Property Executive is the leading resource for executives and companies that own, invest in, develop, lease and manage commercial real estate.
Andrew W. Lapin
 Telephone: 312.456.0372 | Email:

Andrew W. Lapin was one of several leading industry experts providing relevant insight for two QSR articles including “The Next Frontier of Restaurant Franchising” and “17 Best Restaurant Franchising Deals." QSR is a publication targeting quick service and full service restaurants.
Tina M. Paries
 Telephone: 312.456.0384 | Email:

Tina M. Paries was a speaker for Halfmoon Education Live Webinars held September 17th. Tina discussed the topic “Contract Law Primer for Engineers." Halfmoon Education is a provider of post-secondary learning programs for attorneys, accountants and financial professionals.
Cornelius "Con" F. Riordan
 Telephone: 312.456.0767 | Email:

Con Riordan was elected as a Fellow to the Construction Lawyers Society of America (CLSA). The CLSA is an invitation-only international honorary association composed of preeminent lawyers with a proven record of excellence and accomplishment in construction law at both the trial and appellate levels.
Justin L. Weisberg
 Telephone: 312.456.0190 | Email:

Justin L. Weisberg was selected as a Program Co-Chair for the American Bar Association’s Forum on Construction Law Program on the topic “Fundamentals of Construction Law-Plus Sticks & Bricks." The Program held September 30th and October 1st was presented in six cities including Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, Nashville, TN, and Seattle, WA. Taught by leading construction industry professionals in each locale, the Program covered the essential technical and legal underpinnings of construction.
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