• The Rise Of Rooftop Licensing

  • Before Closing-Consider A Tax-Deferred Exchange

  • More Regulation-More Expense

  • Look Before You Yelp
The Rise Of
Rooftop Licensing
By David P. Resnick
Telephone: 312.456.0376
Increasingly, owners of real estate are taking advantage of non-traditional sources of income generated by their properties. One such source is the licensing of space on the roof of a building. Although rooftop licensing is by no means new, the population of rooftop users is growing and diversifying.

Historically, rooftop use was limited to operators of radio and television transmission antennae. However, newer technologies such as solar and cellular have given rise to a variety of additional users of rooftop space.
Before Closing-Consider A
Tax Deferred Exchange
By R. Kymn Harp
Telephone: 312.456.0378

If commercial real estate is being sold and the seller is planning to buy again, the seller should seriously consider a tax-deferred exchange. So long as the closing has not yet occurred, it is not too late. Why pay taxes on sale proceeds when it’s not necessary? Invest those funds as equity instead.
More Regulation-
More Expense
By Richard L. Gayle
Telephone: 312.456.0186
2019 is shaping up as another year of increased regulation of businesses and greater employer exposure to litigation by employees, resulting in some better rights for employees at increased costs of doing business for employers. While a number of changes in Illinois law impact Illinois businesses, a few of the more notable bits and pieces are described as follows.
Look Before You Yelp
By Robert J. Trizna
Telephone: 312.456.0190
Today many people live significant portions of their lives online. Whether it’s posting family pictures or birthday greetings on Facebook, tweeting where you’re having a burger and a beer, or trying to network with the aid of LinkedIn, each of us can be a star on the cyber-stage.

But danger can come your way if you decide to post a review on Yelp or similar sites that are critical of some business or service provider.
R. Kymn Harp
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R. Kymn Harp was appointed to serve as a member of the Illinois State Bar Association's Real Estate Law Section Council for 2019-2020. The Section Council's mission, among others, is to promote communication among lawyers statewide, circulate information on current developments, review legislation and procedural changes, and assist with continuing legal education programs.
Laurie A. Montplaisir
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Laurie A. Montplaisir participated as a panel speaker for the 2019 Independent Finance & Factoring Roundtable in connection with the Secured Finance Network held in Nashville. Ms. Montplaisir discussed "Wire Fraud" and "Things You Shouldn’t Finance and Why".

She also was a moderator for the Women in Commercial Finance Roundtable sponsored by the 2019 International Factoring Association Annual Conference held in San Diego. The event focused on sharing ideas and promoting awareness of solutions for issues unique to women in the commercial finance industry.
Thomas P. Yardley
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Thomas P. Yardley received the Award for Excellence in Pro Bono Service presented by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and the Chicago Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Mr. Yardley and his team counsel were nominated for providing outstanding pro bono and public interest representation before the Court on behalf of two migrant boys detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
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