• Reopening Safely

  • Blockchain Technolgy: Streamlining Equipment Leasing To Obtain A Competitive Edge

  • Caveat Emptor In The Time of Crisis

  • Underinsured Motorist Insurance

  • The Amazing Race: Patent Rights
Reopening Safely
By Andrès J. Gallegos
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Employers are obligated to provide employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or physical harm. Doing so amid the pandemic goes beyond simply providing masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment. The provision of personal protective equipment is critically important, but it is only one component of an employer’s comprehensive plan to ensure it reopens its workplace safely. Adoption and implementation of workplace controls in response to the COVID-19 virus that address the workplace environment and safe work practices must also be included.
Blockchain Technology: Streamlining Equipment Leasing To Obtain A Competitive Edge
By Vincent T. Borst
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When it comes to booking equipment leases, with limited exceptions, the equipment leasing industry operates much like it did 25 years ago. At each step of the process, the lease transaction is evidenced by an exchange of hard documentation. This imposes an enormous amount of friction on the process with time delays. However, most if not all the friction associated with the old way of doing business could be eliminated by developing technology known as blockchain technology.
Caveat Emptor In A
Time Of Crisis
By Parker E. Lawton
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It is important to stay safe in these troubling and uncertain times, and that includes being wary of the many miracle cures, snake oil treatments, and flawed disease prevention products that do not deliver on their promised benefits to combat COVID-19.

A myriad of products have been put into the market offering to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent COVID-19. Many are not supported by scientific data and have not been approved by governmental agencies tasked with regulating medicine and medical supplies.
Underinsured Motorist Insurance: The Most Important Coverage In Your Auto Insurance Policy That You May Have Never Heard Of
By Richard Lee Stavins
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Automobile insurance policies contain lots of coverages. The most important coverage that most insureds know nothing about is the underinsured motorist provision. As a result of not knowing about this coverage, many people are inadequately insured, even though they may believe they have “full coverage.”
The Amazing Race: Patent Rights
By Zachary J. Levi
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Although there is currently no vaccine for COVID-19, pharmaceutical companies in the United States, Europe and China are working tirelessly to be the first to find the preventive. When a vaccine is ultimately developed, these world leading economies want to find themselves at the forefront to ensure access to their citizens. Owning the patent rights to the COVID-19 vaccine is therefore the ultimate goal. 
RSP Statement on Race Equality
and Social Justice

RSP is troubled and heartbroken by the violence against people of color, including police brutality, that continues to plague our country despite the great strides our nation has made to advance justice and civil rights.  Click here to read the full statement .
ABFJournal and MonitorDaily Interview RSP
Andrew M. Sachs participated in ABFJournal's podcast series discussing the topic “The Paycheck Protection Program and Non-Bank Lenders, and the Reopening of the Economy”. Click the link below and go to Episode 8 for Andy Sachs' interview.

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Vincent T. Borst participated in MonitorDaily's podcast series. Vince discusses "How COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of digital adoption in the equipment finance industry, and how blockchain and electronic documents are facilitating the process of negotiating and executing leases and loans." Click the link below for Vince Borst's podcast interview: Episode 9.

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Andrès J. Gallegos
 Telephone: 312.456.0381 | Email:

Andrès J. Gallegos was a panel member for the ADA 25 Advancing Leadership, Virtual Networking Panel held in April. He discussed the importance of networking for emerging leaders with disabilities.
Jennifer M. Sender
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Jennifer M. Sender and Andrès J. Gallegos accepted the Outstanding Achievement Award on behalf of RSP's Disability Rights practice from The Washington Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs. The Committee recognized RSP for achieving important results for various clients who experience violations of their civil rights.
Steve Jakubowski
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Steve Jakubowski authored "Beware the Post COVID Revenge of the Mezz Lender," published in the ABFJournal e-newsletter targeting asset based lending professionals.
Laurie M. Montplaisir
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Laurie A. Montplaisir was a co-panel member for a webinar hosted by the International Factoring Association (IFA) held in May. She discussed the "Legal Issues the Factoring Community are Dealing with Regarding COVID-19" . Laurie also was the author of "How to Respond to Requests for Client Overadvances Under the CARES ACT" published in the IFA Commercial Factor Magazine.
Eric G. Patt
  Telephone: 847.832.5602 | Email:

Eric G. Patt authored "Chapter 9: Representing a Home Rule Municipality" for " Municipal Law: Contracts, Litigation, and Home Rule, 2020 Edition published by the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education.
Richard Lee Stavins
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 Richard Lee Stavins published "Working Remotely as an Appellate Practitioner" in the May/June issue of the Chicago Bar Record . The article discussed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on appellate litigation.
Justin L. Weisberg
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 Justin L. Weisberg was a co-author for updating "Chapter 22: Claims Handling, Mitigation, and Mediation" for The Construction Contracts Book , Third Edition published by the American Bar Association. He also was appointed to Chair ISBA Construction Law Section Council for 2020-2021 .
Robert McKenna Winter
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 Robert McKenna Winter successfully obtained a $4,000,000.00 settlement for a RSP client who suffered a brain injury during a back surgery The injury was the result of an excess dosage of anesthetic and a failure to timely and correctly treat the resulting drop in blood pressure, which caused decreased blood flow to the brain. 
Celebrating 50 Years

RSP celebrates a significant milestone in June 2020 with its 50  th  Anniversary.

Beginning in 1970, our firm founders became partners with the goal of building an enduring boutique law practice focusing on the intersection of law and business for middle market clients. Our goal then, today, and going forward has revolved around developing lasting, solid client relationships while providing innovative, superior quality, and cost-effective legal services that make positive differences, not only in our clients’ legal issues, but also in achieving their business goals and long term strategies. 

To commemorate our 50th Anniversary, we have developed the enclosed video to celebrate RSP’s commitment to sustaining the long-term client relationships that represent the heart of the firm.
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