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  • Qualified Opportunity Zones: What You Should Know To Meet a December 31st Deadline?

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  • Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance Takes Effect July 1, 2020

  • Employment Law Update In 2020
Message From The CEO
2020 Marks Golden
50th Anniversary for RSP
By Richard L. Gayle
Telephone: 312.456.0186
RSP will celebrate a significant milestone in 2020 with its 50 th Anniversary.

Beginning in 1970, our firm founders became partners with the goal of building an enduring boutique law practice focusing on the intersection of law and business for middle market clients. Our goal then, today, and going forward has revolved around developing lasting, solid client relationships while providing innovative, superior quality, and cost-effective legal services that make positive differences, not only in our clients’ legal issues, but also in achieving their business goals and long term strategies. We strive to earn our diverse clients’ business every day in the most professional, efficient, transparent, and honest manner. I am extremely proud of the fine reputation we enjoy in the legal world and I’m especially proud of the wonderful work product produced by our attorneys and support staff. 

On behalf of everyone in our firm, we extend our sincere thanks to all our of clients for their ongoing support and loyalty for the past five decades. We look toward the next 50 years with the goal of strengthening our valued client relationships and delivering the best outcome for their ongoing legal needs.

To commemorate our 50 th Anniversary, RSP has updated its logo and developed the enclosed video to commemorate RSP’s commitment to sustaining the long-term client relationships that represent the heart of the firm. Also, by the end of this month, we will launch our firm’s redesigned, user friendly website including an online brochure, client satisfaction survey, and several updated practice descriptions.

We wish all of you a very successful 2020, filled with peace, joy, and happiness! 

Qualified Opportunity Zones:
What You Should Know to Meet a
December 31st Deadline?
By Ariel B. Cutts
Telephone: 312.456.0290

As we near the end of 2019, we approach an important time for people who wish to invest in a qualified opportunity zone (QOZ), a federal economic development program enacted in 2017. The purpose is to encourage investments in designated economically disadvantaged communities by providing certain tax benefits to investors. December 31, 2019 is the last day to invest and reap all the potential benefits including: (1) tax deferral until the end of 2026, (2) tax reduction of 15%, and (3) elimination of capital gain tax when the investor sells the appreciated investment.
Changes To Federal Bankruptcy Law Will Reduce Your
Preference Risk
By Steve Jakubowski
Telephone: 312.456.0191
You run a small business. Your customer needs some extra time to get through a squeeze and you work with the customer to pay down the old balance over time. Suddenly, the customer files bankruptcy and two years later you get a demand letter from a contingent-fee lawyer representing a litigation trustee seeking 80% of everything the customer paid you in the 90 days before the bankruptcy filing.
Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance Takes Effect July 1, 2020
By Edward C. Abramson
Telephone: 312.456.0384
Several major cities have recently passed “Fair Workweek” ordinances aimed at making employee schedules more predictable by requiring advance scheduling for covered employees and penalizing employers for last minute changes.

The Chicago City Council adopted the Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance on July 24, 2019 to take effect July 1, 2020.

The Ordinance covers employers primarily engaged in only certain industries, including building services, hotels, healthcare, and retail. An employer in a covered industry must also employ 100 or more employees globally (250 for non-profit corporations), 50 of whom need to be “covered employees”.
Employment Law
Update In 2020
By Ariel B. Cutts
Telephone: 312.456.0290
Beginning January 1, 2020, there are sweeping changes to the employment laws that will affect ALL Illinois employers, even those with as little as ONE employee. These are big changes that need to be addressed by all Illinois employers and documented in each employer’s handbook. Some of the changes include a requirement that employers adopt an anti-harassment policy and reporting procedures, which has been expanded to include protection for non-employees (contractors and consultants).  
Andrès J. Gallegos
 Telephone: 312.456.0381 | Email:

Andrès J. Gallegos was honored by the Progress Center for Independent Living, at its 2019 Liberty Gala, receiving the Liberty Award, in recognition of his advocacy for persons who are Deaf and their families. Progress Center is a nonprofit organization that supports people with disabilities so they can live independently and navigate
barriers to independence.
R. Kymn Harp and
Catherine A. Cooke
 R. Kymn Harp
Telephone: 312.456.0378 | Email:
Catherine A. Cooke
Telephone: 312.456.0379 | Email:

R. Kymn Harp and Catherine A. Cooke co-authored a chapter entitled Duties, Rights and Remedies of Commercial Tenants published December 5 as part of the IICLE publication Commercial Landlord-Tenant Practice 2020 Edition.
Emily C. Kaminski
  Telephone: 312.456.0284 | Email:

Emily C. Kaminski co-presented on the topic Probate Issues in Real Estate from a Seller Attorney's and Title Underwriting Perspective at the Chicago Bar Association Probate Practice Committee on November 19. 
Cornelius ("Con") F. Riordan
  Telephone: 312.456.0767 | Email:

Con Riordan presented at the 2019 Construction Law Seminar sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association Mechanics Lien and Construction Law Subcommittee on December 17. The topic was Lien and Bond Rights on Illinois Public Projects. Con also won an appeal in the Illinois Appellate Court in connection with securing an affirmance of a dismissal on statute of limitation grounds. Additionally, Con recently was elected president to the Society of Illinois Construction Attorneys (SOICA) for 2019-2030.
Richard Lee Stavins
  Telephone: 312.456.0371 | Email:

 Richard Lee Stavins is Acting Editor of the Chicago Bar Record, a law review publication of the Chicago Bar Association.
Justin L. Weisberg
  Telephone: 312.456.0190 | Email:

 Justin L. Weisberg presented at the SOICA P3 Subcommittee on December 11. The topic was Public Private Partnership Fundamentals. He also recently was elected treasurer to the SOICA. Additionally, Justin was a speaker for HalfMoon Education, Inc. on October 23 presenting on the topic Current Issues in Construction Management.
Steve Jakubowski
Richard H. Fimoff
and Christine R. Walsh

Steve Jakubowski: Telephone: 312.456.0191

Richard H. Fimoff: Telephone: 312.456.0185

Christine R. Walsh: Telephone: 312.456.0287

Following a three day evidentiary hearing before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Hawaii earlier this year, Steve Jakubowski, Richard H. Fimoff, and Christine R. Walsh successfully confirmed a contested Chapter 11 reorganization plan involving an 1,100 acre real estate development project on the Gold Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii valued at over $100 million that was being “crammed down” the secured lenders.  
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