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SPEER's Annual Workshop

Austin, Texas | Archer Hotel

September 14-15, 2023

We are just ONE WEEK AWAY! Registration will close this Friday, September 8th so be sure to save your spot now. It is going to be a full house and we are looking forward to engaging in meaningful dialogue covering the changing energy landscape in our region and across the country. From recent trends in the adoption of the 2021 IECC, heat pumps, and local government energy needs to energy efficiency programs in our region and clean energy policies, we will address all of this and more.

Space is filling up. Come join us, hear from energy experts, and network over a cup of coffee or a beer. We hope to see you next week! Head over to our workshop event page for the full agenda, sponsorship options and to meet out speakers.

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HUGE Thank You to our sponsors for helping making this event possible!

CleanTX's GridNEXT

SPEER member, CleanTX, is bringing together leaders across Texas’ diverse energy economy to engage in conversations about how we can work together to create the integrated energy infrastructure of the future for Texas. This one-day event will take place in Dallas on Thursday, October 12 covering important Texas energy & grid related topics including transmission landscape, flexible load, energy efficiency, transportation, and more.

We are thrilled that SPEER's Policy Manager, Noah, will be joining panelists Chris Reeder with Husch Blackwell and Samuel Davis with the Texas Land and Liberty Coalition for the Summer Lookback and 88th Texas Legislative Session Impacts working lunch session. Join us! Register now to mingle with energy stakeholders and discuss Texas’ Clean Energy Economy.

SPEER & Zpryme Resilience Workshop + Happy Hour

SPEER and Zpryme want to shine light on the power consumers hold in helping reduce grid stress and demand peaks. Together our organizations will co-host a workshop + happy hour in Austin on October 26th covering the role energy efficiency and policy can play in empowering consumers and provide more resiliency to our grid. Space is limited so register now!

With our state’s growing population and extreme temperatures on the rise, there is a need for the expansion of all potential energy optimization resources to meet increasing demand needs and improve the reliability of our grid. Energy efficiency remains an important and cost-effective resource Texas can use to increase resiliency and lower peak demand at a fraction of the cost compared to many expensive supply-side generation mechanisms. Other benefits of utilizing energy efficiency and optimization include improved indoor air quality (and potential health benefits), reduced pollution, lower utility bills, and increased building comfort to name a few. The PUCT stated in their Phase I Proposal for the Wholesale Market Redesign Project 52373 that increasing energy efficiency programs were needed and would be completed as part of that Phase. 

We can reduce energy consumption and cut peak loads with simple efficiency measures and flexibility services such as incentive programs for attic insulation, sealing, heat pumps, smart thermostat & demand response programs, and more. Our Workshop and Happy Hour will bring together top minds in Texas energy to talk about how we can tap into our potential for a better, more reliable grid. In the next few week's, we'll be introducing our expert speakers, beginning with Michael Lee of Octopus Energy.

Michael Lee, Octopus Energy

Michael has worked in the renewable energy industry for more than a decade and currently serves as CEO of Octopus Energy U.S. After earning his MBA from Harvard, Michael quickly unlocked his passion for cleaner and cheaper electricity, working on some of the first battery storage projects and developing solar solutions for global Fortune 500’s. He spent nearly a decade in the IPP industry helping finance some of the earliest batteries, wind and solar projects before the industry matured to its current form. He then launched an energy retailer in Texas called Evolve Energy, with the idea that customers can optimize energy usage to ease grid tensions and save money on their bills through AI and IOT. Through a shared mission to decarbonize energy using tech and smart rates, Evolve Energy was acquired by Octopus Energy in 2020.

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Blog: Driving Energy Efficiency Forward

As of 2014, less than a decade ago, over two-thirds of Texas’ homes did not meet current code requirements, many of which were built prior to code enforcement. This means the majority of homes are old, leaky, and inefficient. Energy efficiency can play a pivotal role in solving some of the biggest challenges SPEER’s south-central region is experiencing: Resource adequacy, or grid reliability, and resilience during our summer heat waves and increasing winter storms, as Texas has recently experienced with Uri. 

With peak demand, electricity costs, and energy burdens all continuing to rise, SPEER is driving energy efficiency forward as a demand-side solution. See how in our recent blog.

ACEEE's Releases Utility Scorecard

Utility programs are the primary drivers of energy savings in most states. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released their 2023 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard ranking 53 of the largest U.S. electric utilities, which serve roughly 60% of U.S. households, on their efficiency incentives and programs for energy-saving improvements, including equity.

Utility energy efficiency efforts stagnated in recent years and the south-central region has a lot of room for improvement while the majority of utilities have significant room for expansion on equity. How did your region perform?

New Member: Oklahoma Department of Commerce

We're excited to welcome the Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC) as our newest member! We're looking forward to our growing partnership and expanding energy efficiency in Oklahoma. Thank you for your work and support. Head over to our member page to see all of our incredible members and consider joining us and becoming a SPEER member today!

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