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NW Arkansas News & Updates - October 2023

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Arkansas Youth Expo

Arkansas Youth Expo

Make plans to attend the Arkansas Youth Expo. Join us in Fayetteville, AR at the Washington Country Fairgrounds for the 2020 Arkansas Youth Expo. October1-3. See the schedule below and remember to stop by the Farmer's-Coop tent for shavings!

Shavings for a Good Cause
Stop by the Farmer's Co-op tent at the Arkansas Youth Expo for shavings. For every bag of shavings we sell, Farmer's Co-op will make a donation to support the Arkansas Youth Expo. You get great shavings and the Expo gets support. That's a win-win in our book!
AYE Schedule

Fall Flocks


Layer Feeds

We carry two lines of budget-friendly layer feeds at the Co-op. Our Riverstone 16% Layer Pellet with CitriStim, is custom-made for us and provides complete nutrition for adult birds. We also stock Purina Homegrown 16% Layer Feed in crumbles and pellets.

Layer Feeds
Transitioning Your
Flock to Fall
Autumn is here and it’s time to say hello to fresh air and say goodbye to stifling hot temperatures! Of course, if you are raising chickens for eggs, you will need to take a few steps to ensure your hens stay in production during the fall and winter months. Take a look at our fall chick tips!
Fall Chick Tips

Fall Flock Signs

Pick up a 2022 Flock Sign with the purchase of a 35 LB bag of Purina Layer Feeds. The 2023 flock signs and decals are available at Farmer's Coop locations in Prairie Grove & Elkins!

These signs are limited in supply and are sure to go quickly! Check with your local store today!

Fall Pasture

Fall is Weed Control Season
Many areas have experienced back-to-back above-average spring rains. Although great for growing grass, it’s not so good for timely pasture spraying or any spraying at all in some cases. Fortunately, fall is an ideal time to catch up.
Corteva Weed Control
Winter Grazing Seed
Pick up your winter grazing seed at Farmer's Cooperative. Winter annual cool-season grasses include annual Marshall ryegrass, small grains such as wheat, cereal rye, oats, and more. Talk to our experts about your pasture options.
Winter Grazing Seed
Lime-500x500 image

The Basics of Lime

Looking to lime your fields, pastures, or gardens? Farmer’s Cooperative and our many locations have got you covered! Here’s what you need to know:

It all starts with determining how much lime to apply, which depends on the soil acidity and the specific crop or forage you’re growing. Remember the pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral pH. Anything below 7 is acidic, and anything above 7 is basic. Most plants thrive in the slightly acidic range, around 6.5 to 7.

Liming fields & more

Lincoln Store Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

A Farmers Coop customer talks about the benefit of visiting the Purina Research Farm and learning how feeding the right feed at weaning time can make you more money for your cow-calf operation.

Watch Here

NW Arkansas Meetings

Prairie Grove Cattle Meeting!

Are you a cattle farmer and looking for ways to supplement your livestock this Fall/Winter? Join us in Prairie Grove for a Cattle Meeting on Tuesday, October 10th, 2023. We promise you an informative and engaging evening filled with discussions on helpful ways to support your cattle during the colder seasons.

RSVP and attend. Sign up on our website, or call (479) 300-2120.

RSVP: Fall Meeting

Truckload Corn Sale

Select NW Arkansas Farmer’s Coop locations (Elkins, Springdale, Decatur, Lincoln & Prairie Grove) are offering a fall Truckload Sale on Whole Corn!

$11/bag of whole corn, no limit! 🦌

Remaining dates include:

October 13-14, 2023

November 3-4, 2023 

Truckload Corn Sale

Lincoln Cattle Meeting October 26th

Join Farmers Coop in Lincoln for an engaging dinner and discussion about cattle supplementation and forages! We have an exciting lineup of speakers - Christi Keeler with Purina Animal Nutrition, and Zac Russell, Farmers Coop Agronomy. They will share insights on filling the nutrition gaps for cattle, emphasizing the importance of soil and hay testings, and unveiling fall pasture management strategies. Don't miss out on this informative event!

RSVP by Friday, October 20th using the link below, or give us a call at 479-824-3288 to reserve your spot. See you there!


Arkansas archery deer season started Sept. 23rd, and in Oklahoma starts Oct 1st. Pick up Purina Quick Draw blocks, Stratton Rack Attract, Big and J attractants, flavored corn, rice bran, and ADM Rack Plus textured deer feed. Available at your local Farmers Coop.

Visit one of our retail locations today for the best selection of supplies and accessories for hunting season. We carry deer feeders, blinds, camo gear and game cameras, and much more. Selection varied by location, reach out to your local Farmers Coop today.
Shop Hunting Supplies

Fall Straw Bales

for Decorating

Decorating for fall? Visit your local Farmer's Co-op for straw bales! Perfect for your autumn display, fall festival or extra seating around a bon-fire! It's good for controlling mud too.

Straw Bales

Fall Pond

Stocking Dates

Arkansas Pondstockers and Stock My Pond deliver to select Farmers Co-op locations in the River Valley this month. Check our delivery schedule and come get your fish!

Fall Dates

Seed & Sow

September Edition

Our latest edition of Seed & Sow Agriculture Lifestyle Magazine launched last week. It's full of recipes, articles, fall colors, and much more. Check it out, it's ready to read!

Seed & Sow
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