Friedrich Kunath
 First Life Takes Time, Then Time Takes Life
(Purple Mountains), 2019
Oil on canvas
Friedrich Kunath
Songs Build Little Rooms in Time
Opening Reception on Saturday, December 7th
Musical Performance by Cassie Berman
Drinks Provided by Land & Sea Dept.
"Songs Build Little Rooms in Time" comes from a well-loved and oft-quoted line on the Purple Mountains album, and in the context of the new Soccer Club Club show, it takes on a life of its own. In the months before David Berman passed, he was at work not only finishing his album, but also collaborating with Friedrich Kunath on an exhibit inspired by Friedrich's art, David's writing and the possibilities that the two artists could imagine between themselves.

After a long correspondence during which they explored mutual interests and listened to David's new songs, Friedrich was deep into the final stages of the shows, painting regularly, while David was about to head out on tour. They planned to meet back in Chicago in December for the opening - and while David will be sorely missed on that night, his spirit will be very much in evidence in all the pieces displayed.

A work of love, endurance and friendship, "Songs Build Little Rooms In Time" opens on December 7th. We cannot guarantee admission without an RSVP, so please respond below!
Friedrich Kunath's Songs Build Little Rooms in Time Opening Reception
Soccer Club Club

12/07/19 7:00pm - 12/07/19 11:00pm

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2923 North Cicero Avenue
Chicago, IL 60641