RSVP-Northern Virginia
JUNE 22 2020 Edition
This issue includes:
Summer Safety Tips for Seniors
RSVP Bingo Game Recap
More Volunteer Opportunities
Fairfax County Report on Volunteer Hours
June Issue of the Golden Gazette
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Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

" According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seniors are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses and injury." Summer is the time for outdoor activities, and we want to mention a few things that will keep you safe and healthy during this time of COVID-19. Remember the practical – keep hydrated, wear sunscreen and sunglasses, and avoid spending too much time outside during the middle of the day. Practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands often and well.

But beyond that, here are a few ways to keep safe during COVID-19 while participating in some of the activities many of us love. Check out our recent blog post here:
RSVP BINGO Game Recap!!!!

On Monday, June 15, RSVP hosted our FIRST EVER virtual Bingo Game!

Thank you to those that joined us!

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners:
Sandra Baron, Karen Mantyla, & Shelley Brosnan

Volunteer Opportunities Where You Can Make a Difference with
Little-to-No Contact

Cornerstones' Embry Rucker Community Shelter is in need of volunteers to prepare bagged meals for their residents!  
The Embry Rucker Community Shelter distributes approximately 60-70 bagged meals to residents and drop-in clients each day. Meals are distributed on an on-going basis as residents and clients request them.  
Two options are available for bagged meal donations: Option 1: Adopt a specific day or days. For example, adopt the third Wednesday of each month or every Monday for one month. Option 2: Schedule a one-time bagged meal donation at least one week in advance (meals are to be purchased by the volunteer)

Shepherd's Center of Oakton-Vienna
COVID-19 specific opportunity: V olunteer to be a friendly caller : During these challenging times, our vision of creating "A World without Loneliness" has more meaning than ever. We worry that many of our seniors will experience isolation due to programs and services being cancelled. Won't you help by showing them that you care? (requires background check and training)

New Hope Housing
New Hope Housing needs additional sandwiches or bag lunches for homeless adults at Kennedy Shelter, Bailey's Shelter, and alternate shelter sites during the pandemic!
Depending on your capacity to help, here are some options:
  1. Make Sandwiches
  2. Make bag Lunches
  (Interested volunteers will need to complete a volunteer application and sign up for a phone orientation. Volunteers must purchase and prepare the meals.)


Outstanding Report on Volunteerism in
Fairfax County during
COVID-19 Pandemic

Fairfax County volunteers have continued to support the work of the county and our residents. In total, they have given 22,000 hours since the state of emergency was declared, and their efforts continues. Volunteer support has been the heart of our community for years and their involvement is critical during times of disaster – such as the present time. By early June, an overwhelming number of volunteers have led many tasks such as:
  • Delivering medication from pharmacies
  • Grocery shopping
  • Donations collection and sorting
  • Food distribution
  • Celebratory parades
See more in Fairfax County's Volunteer Highlight Blog Post Here:
More news for the 55+ Set. If you're a senior in Fairfax, another great resource for news is the Fairfax Golden Gazette. Read the June issue here.
Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards: 2020 Winners!!!!

Volunteer Fairfax will be announcing the winners of this year's Volunteer Service Awards THIS WEEK!!!! Stay tuned to find out which RSVP Volunteers will be honored for their time, talent, and treasure in our next newsletter!