RSVP Responds to COVID-19 with Help for Seniors
Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program (RSVP) has taken proactive steps and the necessary precautions to respond to the COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) outbreak and support communities across its15-county service region including Carson City. The most vulnerable among us rely on RSVP’s volunteer services. Given the increased risks for those we serve such as elders, veterans and adults with a disability, RSVP is limiting interaction between its volunteers and clients by shifting programs to meet the emergent needs of care recipients. 

RSVP staff and volunteers are delivering groceries and medication to RSVP clients. We have implemented a system for telephone reassurance checks and referrals to appropriate agencies. RSVP volunteers continue to provide grocery shopping for elders to help them access food and medicine. Transportation of clients is limited to essential doctor’s visits only - which includes chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis and other lifesaving treatments.

Volunteers will not drive clients who are presenting cold or flu like symptoms. Homemakers will continue to clean for their frail, elderly clients unless they are presenting cold or flu like symptoms. Respite volunteers will provide telephone reassurance, referrals and essential shopping for food and medication.

“RSVP has teamed up with the Ron Wood Family Resource Center and Nevada Department of Education Carson City Office to help with the distribution of emergency food to its elderly and disabled clients. We ask that everyone take precautions recommended by the CDC and your local County Health District. Please keep in mind that this is only temporary. Together we are stronger. RSVP staff and volunteers continue to serve your community. Working together we will weather this storm; and we know, that ‘this too shall pass’” said Susan Haas, RSVP Executive Director & C.E.O.
Who to Contact in Your Area

RSVP volunteers are working with their local Field Representatives or the RSVP Carson City Headquarters to coordinate services for all clients. 

Carson City, Dayton, and Gardnerville clients and volunteers may contact Sandy Severance at (775) 687-4680, ext. 6 (office), (719) 553-8971 (cell) or via email at .  

To contact an RSVP Field Representative in your local community, please visit: Field Reps

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or your local Health Department. 
Sanford Center for Aging Offers Resources for Aging and Elder Services

Health and Safety

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RSVP Mission Statement

To provide Lifesaving Volunteer Programs that Help Seniors Maintain
Their Dignity, Self-Respect & Independence