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Sign up now for our  Chicken Workshop on April 7th and our Horse Owner's Workshop on April 13th. Both workshops are free and start at 6:30 pm.  Come hear the experts from Purina Animal Nutrition and Dr. Garcia, Equine Veterinarian. Call the store to reserve your spot or register on-line. 

Stop by our Mobile Equine Vet Clinic every Saturday at Pasturas Los Alazanes.  If your planning a visit, please call the store and let us know your coming. 


April 5th is Easter and we're open all day for your convenience.  Come see us and Happy Easter! 

We appreciate your business!
Pasturas Los Alazanes
RSVP: Chicken Workshop April 7th!

Chick Days are here! Join Pasturas Los Alazanes for a FREE chicken workshop on Tuesday, April 7th at 6:30 pm. Come learn about raising a healthy backyard flock. 

Come hear from Bob Wucher, Purina sales specialist on the important essentials to raising healthy chicks. Call the store at (972) 557-1344 or sign up on-line to reserve your spot.
Horse Owner's Workshop April 13th

Join Pasturas Los Alazanes for a Horse Owner's Workshop on Monday, April 13, 2015 at 6:30 pm. Come learn about the NEW Purina Equine Senior and Equine Senior Active product updates. Get hands-on demonstrations that showcase Purina's industry leading innovation, quality and experience. Bob Wucher, Purina Animal Nutrition discusses updated to Purina's quality line of products Dr. Garcia reviews equine v ...
We've Got Horse Shoes & Farrier Tools

Pasturas Los Alazanes carries a full line of horse shoes and farrier tools for sale in our store! Whether your purchasing shoes for your horse or ready to play a game of horseshoes, we have the size and selection you need. Domesticated horses need horseshoes for a variety of reasons: their hooves harden less than in the wild, they're ...
Mobile Equine Vet Every Saturday

Pasturas Los Alazanes is now providing the convenience of a mobile equine vet each Saturday at 1pm at our location with Dr. Robert L. Garcia, DVM from Black Hills Veterinary. 

If you have specific questions about services offered, contact Dr. Garcia at 903-641-9860.
Horse Care: Managing Spring Turnout

Spring has sprung and green pasture is coming on like gangbusters in most parts of the country. For most of us, this is good news because green grass relieves some pressure of searching for quality hay at a reasonable price. Of course, with the rising cost of fertilizer, it may be hard to decide which is the lesser of two e ...
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Chicks Arrive April 1st

The baby chicks arrive at Pasturas Los Alazanes on Wednesday, April 1st! Are you looking to raise chickens? Baby chicks arrive at Pasturas Los Alazanes on April 1, 2015. All chicks will be straight run, assorted breeds. Pasturas Los Alazanes has everything you need to get started raising chicks, including feed, fencing, supplies and more!