The New Masculinity Exhibition:

At the hands of America’s media machines the Black Man’s image has always been imbalanced and purposely misrepresented. Within every facet of American life Black Men are portrayed in a negative light.

Hardly is the Black Man seen or celebrated as a father, husband, provider and protector of his community. This current narrative has produced a toxic environment for the Black community which has led generations of misguided Black boys to grow downward into defeated and self-destructive Black males who will never taste the fruit of being a strong and forward moving Black Man.
Though it is not impossible, it is very difficult to become what you cannot see. With the ongoing American media warfare against Black boys, coupled with the alarming rate of absentee dads our communities are dying from within.

My vision began with a virtual exhibition which launched from on 11.28.19. Black fathers and husbands from all walks of life were selected to be the celebrated center of this exhibition which can be experienced from the comfort of your own home. I am looking forward to sharing this paradigm shifting work with you.

Okeeba Jubalo
Editorial Director
Executive Creative Director
I had a wonderful interview with the City of South Fulton Observer about our upcoming fourth installment of the Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition on Feb 20, 2020. I am honored to have you all joining us for this amazing exhibition at the Aviation Community Cultural Center as we
showcase a selection of Atlanta’s most impactful Fine Artists.

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