The Miami-Dade County Council Course are a vital link between their member local units and the District and Region.

Together we will define effective and ethical PTA leadership. Throughout the day, you will learn from some of the most informed advocates, and leave with a roadmap for a successful year in achieving your PTA’s goals.
Virtual 1-on-1 Video Meet & Greet
Spend some time getting to know your fellow volunteers. Exchange ideas, share stories of past or present pitfalls and create solutions. All this and more is possible in our networking room.
1-on-1 video conferencing with other volunteers, community partners, Council board members and special guest speakers.
Featured Workshops
President's Workshops
The PTA President’s workshops covers a variety of subjects that will ensure a successful PTA experience. Not only will you learn about the duties of the President, the course also teaches how to run a meeting using Parliamentary Procedure. Be a successful President with the listening and communications skills and goal setting tips that are provided. This course is a must for all Presidents, and future Presidents
Treasurer's Workshops
The Treasurers workshops are designed to provide advanced financial information to help PTA leaders. These workshop are an in-depth course which covers some of the legal issues you may encounter as a 501 (c) (3) association.

It provides information on an IRS audit, regulations surrounding fundraisers, sponsorships, vendors, copyrights, lobbying, school tax referendum, and more.
Programs, Grants & Resources
The world’s best schools are engaged in creating a well-balanced system focused both on academics and development as well as creating a positive culture to enhance education.

This is a basic introduction to looking for programs and completing grant applications to benefit your PTA and the programs you provide for your students and families. We will discuss resources that will help to deepen student, family and community relationships.
How to pta in the midst of the covid crisis
Learn how to adapt to the disrupted school environment and shape a PTA support program that will generate the real results necessary to create quality programming, resources and care, offering more than a helping hand and shape a leadership board that is uniquely yours.

Get tips and tricks directly from the experts. Engage, Educate and Empower others in your community. Together we are one voice, Join Us!
Plus Many More Workshops... Don't Miss Out!
Vendor & Sponsorship Opportunity
Are you a business owner?

Do you know someone who may be interested in
partnering with our MDCC PTA/PTSA?

MDCC PTA/PTSA is looking for local businesses that would like to join our dynamic community. This is a great advertising opportunity, while giving back.
For more information please contact

Fatima Chaiken
VP of Organization
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