Ready for You
We understand this is a difficult and challenging time for our exhibitor community. RTS remains committed to our theatres, entertainment venues, and drive-ins by continuing to release new features, provide 24/7/365 support, and implementing optional alternative pricing plans. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.
What's New With RTS?

Added support for Reserved Seating Dynamic Seat Buffering. Please see below for more information.

Added preliminary changes for submitting a pre-order into the sales transaction and ShowtimeAnalytics.

Optimized method for adding future EMV devices and processors.

Updated our SSL certificates.

Display you auditoriums' status from Auditorium Signage.

NEW for Reserved Seating!
 Dynamic Seat Buffering
To support your various social distancing guidelines, RTS has added dynamic seat buffering for reserved seating. When enabled, a configurable amount of seats will be blocked off on both sides of the customer's purchased seats, creating a buffer. Please visit our wiki page to learn how to implement the new feature.
Not using Reserved Seating? Our team can help get you started! Find out how to add reserved seating features from our wiki page.
How Can RTS Help With Social Distancing?
COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for our exhibitor community. As exhibitors open their doors again, RTS can assist with implementing new practices to promote contactless transactions and social distancing measures for your employees and customers.

  • Usher App: Redeem tickets purchased online through a scanning app, reducing lines and ticket-tearing procedures.
  • EMV Credit Card Processing: Eliminate your employee's procedures of handling customer's credit cards. Also, EMV credit card processing supports Apple Pay and Google Wallet so customers can pay using their mobile devices, further distancing from credit card readers.
  • Online Ticketing: Advance sales include Mobile App, Third-Party sites, and multiple avenues for integrating your showtimes with your own website.
  • COMING SOON - Mobile Concession Ordering: Reduce lines and employee interaction by offering customers the option to order concessions directly from their mobile devices. Customers will receive a direct notification when their order is ready for pickup, or you can deliver to their seats. Costs: $0.25 per transaction, no setup fees or maintenance costs. More details to follow!
New Alternative Pricing for COVID-19 Support
To best support our exhibitor community, we are now offering an optional alternative pricing plan. Instead of paying upfront licensing and setup fees, now only pay when your customers use the software.