***** Urgent News as you go to the polls tonight . . .

There's a BIG reason why CNN is standing behind its Marco Rubio story 100%.
Why?  Because Marco "Amnesty" Rubio keeps losing badly in state after stateReally badly.
In fact, tonight, right now, Rubio has only mustered 4% of the vote in Mississippi and a mere 9% of the vote in Michigan.   4% and 9%.  That's awful.
Let's be honest:   Voting for Marco "Gang of Eight" Rubio is a truly wasted voteIt's OVER for him.
It's only a matter of time before he quits.

That's how badly Rubio is doingNot much better than Kasich ( or Jeb Bush was, for that matter).
Even today , RIGHT NOW , Rubio is trailing so badly  that he and the establishment RINO's are propping him up with tens of millions of wasted Republican dollars  better spent beating Clinton this fall.
And just like CNN reported, Marco Rubio's advisers ARE telling him to get out.  Anyone telling you otherwise is being deceitful.   Rubio is surrounded by professionals who know what looming defeat looks like.
In fact, today's survey of Florida Republicans shows that Florida's own Rubio will lose by 20% to New Yorker TrumpIf Rubio can't even win his own state, then "that's all folks".
The folks pushing Rubio on the mainland are establishment RINO's who want cheap labor from immigrants south of the border to take American jobs and push down our wages.  
The folks pushing Rubio in Hawaii are the ones who have kept the Hawaii Republican Party in the toilet for decades.
NOW is the time to send these establishment bums a message they'll never forget.  Conservatives like you can drive the last two establishment candidates out of the race  by supporting either Cruz or Trump.  The sooner Rubio and Kasich are gone, the sooner our country can get down to the business of conservative victory in 2016.
Before you voted, we wanted you to know how the numbers look out there RIGHT NOW.   Conservatives are ahead.   And Rubio's goose is cooked.



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