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At RUSD's Cyber Security Info Night, students worked in teams in a "cyber escape room" activity where they used problem-solving and detective skills to crack the code!

Rowland Unified invited families of 8th grade students across the District and 9th grade Nobles to learn more about an exciting new academic program that will launch this fall at Nogales High School. RUSD is one of only two Districts in the state that were selected to be a part of the Digital Promise Center for Inclusive Innovation initiative. This will provide incoming 9th and 10th grade students the opportunity to take part in a Cyber Security career pathway while in high school and enter this high-demand industry when they graduate. Sign-ups are taking place now for those interested.

“We believe in opening doors of opportunity for each and every one of our students. This Cyber Security Pathway will make Rowland Unified the regional hub for Cyber Security talent," said Rowland Unified Superintendent Dr. Julie Mitchell. "We are excited to share with our community that Rowland Unified is one of two districts in the state and one of 11 in the nation selected to launch a high school career pathway supported by Digital Promise to develop capable individuals to meet the incredible market demand.”

The Demand is Real: There are currently 1 million open positions across the nation in this industry. For the first cohort of students to graduate in RUSD’s Cyber Security Pathway, the demand will have grown to an estimated 3 million! This 3-year program will have students earn industry certifications and allow opportunities to engage with industry partners, including mentoring, field trips, and internships so that they are workforce and college ready.

“With the certification they will have, our students will be able to go into a career that begins with a competitive salary range or they will be able to continue to study in the field at a two or four year college,” said Mitchell.

Who Are We Looking For? “We are looking for all types of learners. You don’t have to be a gamer. If you are a curious learner, a problem solver, someone who wants to use your critical thinking and communication skills, this field is for you. We will teach you the skills you need," said Mitchell. "Students will have the opportunity to work together as teams, solve problems and play! They will work with business professionals who will become mentors and take part in internships.”

At RUSD’s Cyber Security Info Night, a panel of industry experts were on hand to discuss the opportunities in this job field. The keynote speaker was Shaun Wilson, who has 25 years’ experience in technology, business and education and currently serves as the corporate social responsibility manager at IBM in Washington, D.C.

“One of the reasons why I love the Cyber Security industry is the challenge you feel. You never are doing the same thing every day,” said Wilson. “IBM has made a commitment and is one of the many companies in this huge industry that are willing to hire students out of high school with cyber security credentials.”

RUSD brought a panel of Cyber Security Experts to speak with families: Keynote Shaun Wilson from IBM, Jose Cusio from Orbach Huff + Henderson LLP, Robert Bayle and Jose Del Toro from Los Angeles County Office of Education.

“Another skill that people need in this industry is tenacity, to not give up,” said Robert Bayles, Director of Technology Infrastructure Services at Los Angeles County Office of Education.

“There is a great definition that I read that said, 'What is Cyber Security? It is the ART of securing and managing devices and securing data for tools and technology.' It really is an art because it is constantly evolving and there is something new to learn every day," said Bayles.

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