Rowland Unified Schools Celebrate
Black History Month and Lunar New Year
"Jellick Elementary 5th graders painted watercolor portraits of Martin Luther King Jr. and discussed as a class what he represents. Each student chose their own words to add to their art that shows what we have learned from him and why we continue to celebrate his life." - Dr. Johan Schmitz, Jellick Elementary Principal
Across the District this month, students celebrated Black History Month and the Lunar New Year with school-wide festivities and class projects. Rowland Unified is proud of our rich and diverse communities we serve that makes our schools a special place to learn!

Above and Right: Mrs. Parel's 5th grade class from Rowland Elementary researched and presented work on notable African American figures in history.
ABOVE: Nogales Nobles honored Black History Month across the campus in their morning announcements and in class - CLICK HERE to view the information shared!


LEFT: Nogales High School students watched an instructional video and had fun learning how to make origami in the school's library to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

In honor of Black History Month students at Ybarra Academy celebrated achievements by African Americans and their central role in U.S. History. The students in Mrs. Franklin's 4th Grade class researched and created a virtual museum for students to participate in a gallery walk. 
Hurley Elementary Lunar New Year Celebration
"To celebrate Lunar New Year, Hurley Hawks had the opportunity to experience classical Korean music and dance, in addition to learning a few words in Korean. The students were thrilled by the drumming, costume, and performance. It was a wonderful moment to provide a cultural experience for our students to learn about and celebrate another culture outside of their own. Happy Lunar Year to all!" 

Dr. Yesenia Alvarez, Principal of Hurley Elementary  


An intricate, stylized fan dance in the finest tradition of the Korean court and a thrilling drum dance featuring unison drumming on suspended drums delighted Hurley students!

Under the artistic direction of Don Kim, Korean Classical Music & Dance Company performed the ceremonial and social dances that are an integral part of Korean culture and included traditional music played on authentic Far Eastern instruments.

Yorbita's 5th and 6th grade students honoring Black History Month.
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