Photos from Rowland Adult & Community Education Graduation held Tuesday, June 8.
Families celebrated with Rowland Adult & Community Education graduates.
Graduate Spotlights
Ting Pan from Rowland Adult & Community Education ready to continue her learning.
Rowland Adult and Community Education (RACE) graduate Ting Pan received the Director's Award and the California Council of Adult Education Award for the Class of 2021.

Who Inspired You: "My friend recommended RACE to me and inspired me to go back and get my high school diploma like she did. She is now planning to transfer to UCLA and enter the medical field and I want to continue with my education and follow in her footsteps."

Future Plans: "I have already enrolled in Irvine Valley College to continue my college education. I plan to major in Business/Economics and want to transfer to UC Irvine or UCLA to get my MBA. I am very excited about my future."

Raves About RACE: "For anyone who wants to continue their education, I would highly recommend them to RACE because it is a very good program. Everyone who works there are very nice and kind. My teacher, Mr. Chavez, he never gives up on his students. At RACE, they will really help you."
Eric Sun from Rowland High School is headed to UCLA.

Eric Sun from Rowland High School was recognized as a PSAT National Merit Commended Scholar, an AP Scholar with Distinction and was involved in basketball all four years. He was also active on campus in the Esports club, CSF club, Programming Club and the Chemistry Club. "He is a bright, extremely conscientious and modest young man and has been a Rowland High School Student of the Month and was awarded the Raytheon Scholarship through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. We are proud of his accomplishments and that he has been accepted to attend UCLA in the fall," said counselor Jo Gray.

Favorite Memory: "Basketball is a big passion of mine and one of my favorite memories will be playing with the team -- it was like a family with Coach Villanueva."

Most Proud Of: "In addition to my academic awards, I am proud of my piano awards from the Southern California Youth Music Festival and for being recognized at the LA County Fair for my photography. Mr. Krumm introduced me to photography in my freshman year and I loved it! I finished the photo pathway offered at Rowland High School and hope to continue it as a hobby."

Who Inspired You: "There are so many teachers that have been an inspiration to me, but the top three are Coach Villanueva, Mrs. Hier (my chemistry teacher) and Mr. Kim (my computer science teacher). I've gotten to know each of them and they have shown me a new perspective of life and I want to thank them."

Advice for Future Raiders: "Don't be afraid to branch out and really put yourself out there. Make people know about yourself, show them the real you."
Jazmine Tapia from Santana High School is excited to become a medical assistant.

Jazmine Tapia received the First General Bank Scholarship and David and Teri Malkin Humanitarian Scholarship for Santana High School's Class of 2021. She was active on campus with Yearbook, Journalism and ASB Leadership.

Favorite Memory: "My favorite memory will be just hanging out with my friends and being with my teachers who really backed me up and kept me motivated. It really is like a family and I will miss everyone there."

Future Plans: "I am passionate about helping people and becoming a medical assistant. Most of my family are in the medical field and they have inspired me to work at a hospital or medical clinic. I plan to attend the Hacienda La Puente Adult Education Medical Assistant Program."

Advice for Future Eagles: "I would say to enjoy your time at Santana High School and take advantage of the many opportunities available. There are so many teachers that are willing to help and give you advice on school or life if you ask for it. They really inspired me to keep going and supported me."
Fernando Rax from Nogales High School Received a Full Scholarship to Vassar College.

Fernando Rax is the recipient of the Questbridge National College Match Scholarship from Nogales High School. He received a full four-year scholarship (in excess of $200,000) to attend the renowned liberal arts college in Poukeepsie, New York, that covers the cost of attendance, tuition, room and board, books, supplies and travel expenses. This dedicated student from West Covina is excited about his adventure to the East Coast. While at Nogales High School, Fernando was a scholar athlete, involved in four years of sports, including football, track and field, and cross country. He was in the school's rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) program and was the President of the IB Questers Club.

Your Inspiration: "I want to thank a few teachers who have really been there for me: Ms. Bogosian, Ms. Hidalgo, Mr. Woodside and Mr. Malignaggi. They have been very supportive of my goals."

Future Plans: "Vassar was one of my favorite picks because I’ve had this dream of going across the country. I’ve spent my entire life here in California and now I will have the opportunity to go to the East Coast and spend the next four years in New York. I was also really interested in the student culture at the school, a community based on helping others. Another huge draw was its open curriculum that allows you to take a variety of classes so I don’t have to limit myself to just one academic field in the first two years. I am leaning towards sociology or education."

Advice for Future Nobles: "I would say keep an open mind. Being open to being mentored by teachers or counselors at Nogales High School. Explore your options and challenge yourself, join clubs, sports and apply to programs that push yourself and great things can happen."
Flerida Flores is a proud graduate of Rowland Adult & Community Education who is headed for a career in the medical field.
Rowland Adult and Community Education (RACE) graduate Flerida Flores received the Regional Chamber of Commerce, San Gabriel Valley, Scholarship and the Principal for a Day Scholarship for the Class of 2021.

Your Inspiration: "I have three young children. Me and my 6 year old literally sat together doing our school work during COVID! They inspired me to go back to school and keep moving forward in my education so I can help support my family."

Future Plans: "I want to enter the medical field and I am considering being a medical assistant or a phlebotomist."

Raves About RACE: "I literally told my neighbor yesterday about RACE and told her my story. The counselors are great, the teachers support you and the classes are so flexible to work with your schedule. My teacher was so patient and would take the time to go back and really help me with a lesson if I didn't understand it. I would tell someone to just do it -- go back and finish your education at RACE."
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