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Jon Cho from Rowland High School will be attending the United States Air Force Academy
in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Rowland High School graduate Jon Cho is the Class of 2021 ASB President and has been an active student leader on campus all four years. He participated in water polo, took numerous AP courses and received a congressional nomination from Gil Cisneros for the United States Air Force Academy. He is also proud of his leadership journey in the Boy Scouts and just received his Eagle Scout award from Troop 755.

Favorite Memory: "I will always remember the simple things... the Battle of the Classes, the football and basketball games -- the energy that is in those places, you can't recreate it. The school spirit, the community that exists, the ability to bond with other classes, this is what I will remember most at Rowland High School."

Who Inspired You: "I think it is really hard to find a mentor that you are able to absorb knowledge from and Ms. Smith was that individual for me. I was able to just listen and learn as much as humanly possible from her. She taught me so many valuable lessons and perspectives, from open mindedness and being empathetic to others and being caring. Her mentorship, her mother-like figure, she would help me with so many situations and give me wisdom. She is one of my biggest inspirations."

Future Plans: "I am going to be a proud cadet in the Class of 2025 at the United States Air Force Academy. I haven't decided what I want to do per say, but definitely considering my options as an intelligence officer, engineer, or even in the space force. I am excited to have so many opportunities."

Advice for Future Raiders: "I value Rowland Unified above any other school district in the surrounding area because of our very interesting dynamics we have. At Rowland High School, we have a balance of athletics, leadership, academic and extra curricular programs. You can experience so much to understand what you want to do in the future. This is a place that you can constantly fail and because of that, get better each and every day. I would tell them to take advantage and experience as much as possible!"
Maya Barcelo from Nogales High School to attend the United States Naval Academy
in Anapolis, Maryland.

Maya Barcelo is the Salutatorian for the Class of 2021 at Nogales High School. As a scholar athlete, she was the captain of the track team for two years and league champion this year in the 100 and 300 hurdles. Her dream was to attend a military academy and she accomplished it as a future midshipmen to attend the United States Naval Academy.

Favorite Memory: "Being with my friends and just hanging out to de-stress is one of my most favorite things to do."

Most Proud Of: "One of the things I am most proud of is that I started a non-profit organization, CrossFit Insurgent Kids Foundation, where kids 8 - 17 can come and work out for free with cross fit classes. I coach these classes and we have helped about 40 students so far."

Who Inspired You: "I want to thank my former teacher Mr. Kim, he started me on my academic journey. He was there my Freshman year and really pushed me, saw the best in me. I was put in regular Algebra II, but he said I needed to be in his honors class, and then pushed me again to be in his AP Computer class. He also asked me to a part of his drone club, which later I became president of. He showed me what I was capable of and to believe in myself."

Advice for Future Nobles: "I would tell them to push themselves to work hard -- you have to push yourself, no one is going to hold your hand."
Mel Garcia from Santana High School is excited to be joining the United States Marines.
(Pictured with U.S. Marines Corps Staff Sergeant Fontanosa, Recruiter Substation La Puente).

Mel Garcia from Santana High School is the first in her family to go into the military. She was active in ASB and served as a student representative who presented at the Rowland Unified School District Board Meetings.

Favorite Memory: "I have always been into art and loved my art class with Ms. Lin. She let me express myself in my art. We did so many different art projects and I had fun making mine really colorful. I also enjoyed ASB, especially when we had the chance to design T-shirts."

Future Plans: "When I was younger, I was always interested in joining the military. I wanted to do something respectful. I am enlisting to be in the United States Marines. I have been training since December at the recruitment center in Walnut. I believe it is the coolest, most honorable and hardest working branch."

Who Inspires You: "My recruiter, Staff Sargent Fontanosa, is always motivating me with his kind words. He made sure that I never gave up on myself."
Tonight at 5 PM Rowland Adult & Community Education will hold a drive-through graduation ceremony for their adult graduates at the campus, 2100 Lerona Avenue in Rowland Heights.
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