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Every Building Has a Story:  

Most people do not consider how the design and construction of a medical facility affects other aspects of the patient experience, including value. Parrish Medical Group measures  value to patients by quality, service, and price. Building this smaller, off-site location improved each of these metrics.


Al Forbes, director of RUSH Construction's Medical/Commercial Group, led this project and considers it one of his most recent favorites. "As the designer/builder of this project, we were able to take a different approach," said Forbes. 


"We hand-selected the design team and subcontractors to work together with the owner to reach the project's ultimate goal. The entire project (including design and construction) was completed in about 15 weeks. It usually takes eight months to complete a project of this magnitude."


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On June 27th , RUSH will sponsor Senior Project Manager Mike Lapinski, to be a Guardian Escort , accompanying a veteran from either World War II or the Korean War to visit their War Memorials in Washington DC.

Tony Carpenter (LINK Contracting) and his father will also participate as Guardian Escorts on the same flight, at their own expense.

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Caught in the Act: Orion Marine Group's David Watson
We have a new WINNER for our "Safety Incentive Program"!
Dave Watson (left) is being recognized for having gone above and beyond his regular duties.





Crane Operator Dave Watson was identified by one of the Army Corps Engineers safety inspectors during a recent project safety inspection for being observant when the men were under the load he was operating after he made them aware by blasting his horn. Dave had to stop his crane movement and make the men aware of the hazard again by blowing the horn twice to get their attention. 


Way to go, Dave, for keeping safety at the forefront.

Some of the tasks we do every day are so important, but often get very little or no recognition!  Thank you. 

The Heart of RUSH: Our People
Meet William P. Cross,  Construction Superintendent (Commercial/Medical Divisions)

Bill Cross

A long-time resident of Brevard County, Bill Cross became a part of the RUSH team in January, 2014. It was Medical/Commercial Division Director Al Forbes that introduced him to the company, starting him off with an exceptionally challenging introductory project: Parrish Diagnostic Imaging/Urgent Care Center.


"I knew my work was cut out for me when I was given the time frame for the Parrish MRI job (15 weeks)," said Cross. "The RUSH team and the subcontractors we chose really stepped up to the plate to seamlessly complete a highly complex project on a very demanding schedule."  


The most memorable moment for Bill since joining RUSH, was midway through that first project when the Parrish management team came out to the site and informed him that of the three projects that they currently had underway, not only was Diagnostic Imaging/Urgent Care the most challenging of the three, it was also the only one that was on schedule, with no change orders!


"It's not often you would get a compliment like that from an owner," remarked Bill. "It gives you a sense of pride knowing the customer is happy."


When asked what he thought the best part about RUSH was, Bill said, "The people."


"The professionalism of the company as a whole, and its dedication to creating a healthy, supportive work environment is something of a rarity. This company is a step above the rest, that's for sure."


A light-hearted fellow that sees the humor in things, Bill enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and playing golf. He and his wife, Brenda, are currently enjoying a house that they recently built in Palm Bay.

Bill's Favorite Quotes (Life):

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." - Luke 6:31

(Construction Work):

"Don't worry--it will be alright when you fix it." - Unknown