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Employee Ownership: A Foundational Piece of RUSH Construction's Corporate Culture
Last month, RUSH celebrated the 15th anniversary of its Employee-Ownership Program.  This program was created as a way for employees to develop a deeper role with the company, as well as to add an element of succession to RUSH's business model.

"One of the key takeaways that came out of our 1996 corporate sabbatical was the idea that I needed to bring additional talent to the company," says RUSH Founder Eduardo Rabel. "As we brought in more people, I realized early on that we needed to address the issue of company ownership - The idea that if we had owners of the company, not just 'me', that it was going to strengthen the company."

Thus, on September 7, 2000, RUSH's Employee-Ownership
Program was born.

"Being an employee-owned company is a strong part of the RUSH culture. From both the office and the field, our ownership structure provides our clients with a deeper level of attention when they are dealing with someone who has a vested interest in the success of their project," says William Chivers, President of RUSH Construction.

Original Owners of RUSH Construction, Inc. (September, 2000):
Back Row (left to right): Geno Ferretti, Paul Stewart, Mike Lapinski, Mike Moran, David Humphrey
Front Row (left to right): Karen Stevens, William Chivers, Alice LaFace

RUSH's program is more of a freelance employee ownership program, rather than a conventional retirement-type plan, and part of its design involves an element of succession. This idea of a "foundation for the next generation" has been key.

Ed considers the Employee-Ownership Program to be one of RUSH's most valuable programs and an integral part of the company's corporate culture and vision for the future. "What RUSH is able to deliver to our clients is the fact that we are going to be here for the next generation," explains Ed. "We do it through cross-training, hiring people of various ages and capabilities, and of course, the employee-ownership element plays an important role as well."
RUSH Employee Stock Owners, as of October, 2015:

Vincent Pellitteri, Project Manger
Owner since Jan. 1, 2015

Shawn Lucas, Associate Safety Director/Project Eng.
Owner since Jan. 1, 2015

Albert Forbes, Medical/Commercial Director
Owner since Jan. 1, 2014

David Dapore, VP of Finance & Admin.
Owner since Jan. 1, 2012

Mark Dalton, Director of Projects
Owner since Jan. 1, 2011

Anthony Jicha,
Project Manager
& Estimator
Owner since Jan. 1, 2010

Robert Gandolfi, Lead Field Superintendent

Owner since Jan. 1, 2010

Mike Lapinski, Senior Project Manager

Owner since Sept. 7, 2000
David Humphrey, Lead Superintendent
Owner since Sept. 7, 2000

Karen Stevens, Contract Admin. & HR Coordinator
Owner since Sept. 7, 2000

Paul Stewart,
Director of Safety & Quality

Owner since Sept. 7, 2000 
William Chivers, President
Owner since Sept. 7, 2000
Eduardo Rabel, Founder
Owner since May 1, 1984

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

- Douglas Adams