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Ron Norris Honda and Buick/GMC Dealerships, Titusville, FL

RUSH recently completed two new standalone automobile dealerships on the US 1 Corridor in Titusville for Ron Norris, Inc., including a 15,000 square foot Buick/GMC Dealership and a 20,000 square foot Honda Dealership.

Both dealerships are equipped with designated customer lounges, business centers, and kid's play areas, with high-end finishes for the showroom and customer areas, as well as full-service sales, parts, and vehicle service departments. The entire 5.5 acre site was fully revitalized with new parking, landscaping, storm water collection systems, wet/dry retention ponds, and underground utilities. 

Taking size constraints into account, RUSH was able to develop an elaborate phasing plan that would allow the construction of both dealerships simultaneously while keeping the existing dealership open for business. The 15-month project was officially completed in the end of December, 2014.

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William and Al at Playalinda Brewing Co.

William Chivers, President of RUSH (left), and Al Forbes, Director of Medical/Commercial Group (right), enjoying the ambiance at Playalinda Brewing Co., a renovation project RUSH completed earlier this year.
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From February 5th-8th, 2015, RUSH Construction hosted the 28th bi-annual Construction Advisory Board (CAB) meeting at its headquarters in Titusville, Florida. All five members of the board were in attendance, including Keller-Martin Construction (Texas), TerWisscha Construction (Minnesota), Cicero's Development (Illinois), RUSH Construction, Inc. (Florida), and the group's newest member, Zartman Construction (Pennsylvania).

CAB Meeting

CAB is a peer group of companies in the same industry (but serving different markets) designed to continually improve each member's business practices and operations. This involves members challenging each other to make improvements, and then holding each other accountable to make sure those changes happen. A goal of this particular meeting was to review and assist RUSH with its newly formed 3-year business plan.


RUSH encourages businesses in all industries to form a similar peer group, outside of their board of directors. "The input and complimentary expertise provided by CAB is absolutely invaluable," said William Chivers, President of RUSH. "These meetings have certainly improved the way that we do business, and we would recommend the formation of a similar group for any organization."


The Heart of RUSH: Our People
Meet Bobby Jicha, P.E.

Project Manager, Bobby Jicha, has worked with RUSH Construction for a little over 8 years, beginning with a part-time job with the company as a Project Intern while he was finishing up his college degree.  "It was during these first few years working with the RUSH team that I knew I found my calling to be in the field of Project Management," says Bobby. Following graduation, he joined up full-time, and has been with the company ever since.

When asked what his favorite RUSH project to date is, Jicha didn't have to think twice: "Definitely the Ron Norris Honda and Buick/GMC Dealerships in Titusville," he said. "Everyone strives to leave their mark on the world, and I feel fortunate to be a part of a team that greatly enhanced the look of the US 1 Corridor in my hometown. For years to come, I will drive by these dealerships and be reminded of the good times and the relationships that were forged during this successful project."

Bobby expressed great pride at his position as a member of a team of such "passionate, dedicated, and qualified professionals whose sole purpose is to elevate the norm". RUSH's reputation for quality work, goodwill, and integrity is well-known throughout the community, and its employees aren't the only ones to benefit from it. In fact, Jicha's most memorable moment at RUSH is the first corporate Christmas party when the company decided to host a food and toy drive as the centerpiece of the celebration.

A lifetime resident of Titusville, Florida, Bobby enjoys all manner of outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, golfing, and family cookouts. "If I had to switch jobs with someone else at RUSH, it would have to be any one of our Superintendents," says Jicha. "Being a Florida native, there are just some days out of the year where you only want to be outside."

Bobby's Favorite Quote:  

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."  --Alan Kay