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Hello and Happy Easter,

For lots of RV owners the month of April marks the start of a new camping season. If you fall into that category you want to make sure your RV is ready for the new season.  This involves de-winterizing the RV, sanitizing the plumbing system and performing other spring maintenance checks. The degree or amount of work required will depend on how the RV was stored at the end of last year's camping season. But, even if it was prepped and stored properly tires still lose air pressure and batteries lose the charge while in storage. 

In this month's newsletter we will highlight some of these topics to help make the task of getting the RV ready for another camping season easier.

Enjoy the newsletter, and if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle share with them. Happy Camping in 2018.

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Enjoy the RV Journey
Need a Sway Control Hitch?

Check out the hitch Mark uses. The Original  Equal-i-zer Sway control hitch has been enjoyed by thousands of trailer owners for over 50 years. Learn more about the Equal-i-zer hitch, and find out which hitch will work best for you:

Equalizer Hitch 4-point sway control . What it is and how it works
 Feature Article -  RV Spring Checks You Don't Want To Forget
When your RV sits in storage for an extended period of time many unexpected things can occur. Batteries that were fully charged when you parked the RV are now discharged, tires that were properly inflated are now under-inflated, seams and sealants crack and separate from the surface, and insects and rodents build nests in and around the RV.  Read more

Money Saving Travel Hacks
Finding a good argument for travel is not the obstacle. Affording travel is the obstacle. Travel is often twice as expensive as it looks on its face. This is because many of us have to lose wages in order to take time off for travel. Therefore, finding ways to make it more affordable is a worthwhile endeavor.  Read More
RV Videos of the Month
When it comes to spring preparation we always talk getting the RV itself ready for another camping season, but we seldom discuss the chassis or tow vehicle. It's just as important that the engine and drive-train are prepped for another season, so  here are my top 7 tips to help prep and extend the life of your RV or tow vehicle's engine. Watch Now

We are making some upgrades to this 2016 Ram 2500 for some off-road use. Watch this video when we install some Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares. Watch Now
RV Breaking News
Are you interested in keeping up with breaking news about the RV industry? If so  visit RVBusiness

  Tired of dead batteries?

Stop the problem for good with the charger, maintainer & conditioner that Mark uses on all of his batteries.  The Battery Minder

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Don't Overlook these Five Important Maintenance Steps
RV 101® - 5 RV Owner Maintenance Mishaps

There are lots of things to remember and maintain on an RV. Sometimes we tend to overlook the simplest maintenance requirements on our RVs. As the old adage goes, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.

 Unfortunately these simple oversights can result in costly repair bills to correct the problem too. Read more to find out what Mark's five RV owner maintenance mishaps are.
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