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  Hello, Happy New Year! Last November marked our 17th year in business, and we look forward to another great year in 2017.  We could not have done it without you, our loyal supporters and followers, and we want to say thanks. The poll responses to last month's  question about the new RV 101 This Month newsletter format indicate over 70 percent of readers are in favor of the new format. So, we will continue with this format through 2017. Enjoy the newsletter, and if you have RV friends and family tell them to subscribe and to like us on Facebook. Mark
   Enjoy the RV Journey
RV Play & Learn Crossword Puzzle
R U RV Educated?
 Understanding the RV Braking Equation can improve your RV driving skills. Try this RV Play & Learn crossword puzzle to test your RV knowledge on RV braking distance.

Hint: Read the RV Braking article below in the newsletter for clues to the puzzle.
Breaking News
       M ark & Dawn Polk Bring RV Education to Rollin On TV
Rollin On TV (ROTV) announce that Mark & Dawn will be joining the ROTV family later in January and bringing their knowledge and experience to our viewers and readers on our web site and on special ROTV episodes. Read More Here
  Need a Sway Control Hitch? Check out the hitch Mark uses. The Original  Equal-i-zer Sway control hitch has been enjoyed by thousands of trailer owners for over 50 years. Learn more about the Equal-i-zer hitch, and find out which hitch will work best for you:
In this month's feature article I would like to offer some simple preventive maintenance procedures you can follow to help prepare your RV for cold temperatures, and to help prevent untimely breakdowns as a result of the colder weather.  Read more
Looking for RV Insurance?
Explorer RV Insurance Agency is pleased to announce our 'Quote your own RV Insurance' tool.  In less than 10 minutes, an RV owner in most states can get an indication of the cost for our RV insurance,  for the coverage limits and options you desire.  
RV Videos of the Month
An RV back up camera is a great feature to have on your motorhome or tow vehicle and trailer. In this RV DIY video Mark demonstrates how to install an RV rear view camera system.
Lubricating your RV helps prevent future problems with moving components on the RV. In this RV DIY video Mark Polk demonstrates some basic RV lubrication preventive maintenance.

RV POLL: Do you use your RV for cold weather camping trips?
Yes we use our RV for cold weather camping trips
No we put our RV in storage during the winter season
 Some folks use their RV year round while others prefer to use it during the warmer weather. Take our poll on cold weather camping and next month we will release the results of your answers. Thanks for participating in our poll.
 Last Month's Poll Results
In last month's poll we asked if you liked this newsletter format, or if you liked the old newsletter format. Over 70% of the poll participants stated they like the new format. Based on those results we will continue with this new format in 2017.  Thanks for participating in the poll.

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NOTE:  I received numerous emails with requests referencing the availability of PDF copies of our newsletters. Lots of folks enjoy downloading the PDF document and reading at their leisure. If you go to this link there are more than 25 PDF issues that can be downloaded directly to your computer. PDF Archives

This new version of our newsletter for 2017 will no longer be  available in PDF format. 

  Tired of dead batteries?

Stop the problem for good with the charger, maintainer & conditioner that Mark uses on all his batteries. The Battery Minder

RV Buzz RV Tire Inflation Tip

Always check and add air to the tires when they are cold, before traveling more than one mile. When tires get hot the air expands and you get a higher-pressure reading. If you let some air out they will be under inflated when they are cold. Use a high quality tire pressure gauge and don’t depend on pressure gauges at gas stations. They are usually abused and neglected, raising concern over accuracy. Remember, properly inflated tires are safer, extend the life of the tires, improve fuel efficiency and lessen the chance of unexpected and premature tire failure.. Watch my RV Tire Gauge Tips Video

  For more helpful maintenance tips check  out  our RV Care & Maintenance DVD
RV Education 101 Product of the Month

  The RV Orientation DVD           

Do you want to learn how to properly and safely use and operate the systems on your RV? This month's special is our RV Orientation DVD.

This DVD covers ALL types of RVs: motorized and trailers. It demonstrates step-by-step instruction as it applies to an RV. You can watch it as often as you need. Bloopers and more... Run time 54 minutes

Campground set-up - Electrical System - LP Gas System - Water System - Waste Water System - RV Accessories - RV generators - Lighting - Manual awning operation - TV cable & antenna - Roof vents - Sleeping arrangements - RV Safety Features  & more                          

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         RV Braking Distance
    Hint: Read article for clues to the crossword puzzle 
When you tow a trailer or drive a motorhome it takes a longer distance to stop than it does in an automobile. The heavier the vehicle or truck/trailer combination is the longer it take to stop it. Understanding the Braking Equation can help you stop quicker, especially during emergency braking situations.

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Our new App titled “RV Education 101” is  available through both Apple and Android App Stores.

The IOS App works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. When you open the App’s main menu it lists all of the full-feature RV training titles currently available, and you have the option to purchase individual chapters, or the entire video. And because it is an instant download with limited overhead we can  pass the savings onto you.

  Heading South for the Winter? Stay at KOAs Along the Way
  Our digital RV Product Catalog puts all of our RV training products in one place, and we separate what products apply to what type of RV. For example if you own a travel trailer you can browse through the single DVD titles or go directly to the DVD value sets that apply specifically to travel trailers. 

RV 101 Product Catalog