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Happy New Year!

2018 came and went, and now we usher in a new year and a new camping season.

Throughout 2018 we worked on updating our RV training library and developing new RV online video and e-book training courses. If you haven't visited our new RV Online Training site I encourage you to do so. We currently offer 13 video training programs and 11 e-book training programs, and we will be adding more in 2019.

Other RV Education 101 goals for 2019 are to update our primary website and to do more camping in 2019. We are parking our 1981 Jeep CJ7 after 20 years of towing it behind our motorhomes, and we replaced it with a 2005 Jeep Liberty with a 2.8L diesel engine. Keep an eye out, because we plan to produce a couple videos on preparing the (new to us) tow vehicle for safe towing. 

Enjoy the newsletter, enjoy the new year and plan to enjoy more camping trips in 2019. And as always, if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle share with them. 

Happy Camping in 2019,

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Enjoy the RV Journey
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Feature Article 

RV 101® - My RV Storage To Do List (15 Quick Tips)


Time to store the RV for winter? Here are a 15 helpful quick tips. Follow the steps that apply to your RV, and modify this list to suit your needs:
  1. Wash the RV's exterior & thoroughly clean the interior.
  2. Clean the refrigerator, put baking soda inside and leave the doors propped open.
  3. Remove all dry-cell batteries, but don't forget to install new batteries next spring.
  4. Remove all consumables that can attract mice and other rodents, and remove anything that can freeze.
  5. Inspect the RV for anywhere mice or other rodents can get in and seal as required.
  6. Clean the air conditioner filters and cover the roof AC while in storage. Do not forget to remove the cover next spring.
  7. Inspect the roof seams body seams and sealants. Reseal as required. Use the proper sealants for the material you are sealing.
  8.  Clean & dry the awning fabric for storage.
  9. Winterize the RV plumbing system.
  10. Turn LP gas supply off.
  11. Change the engine and generator oil and oil filter.
  12. Fill fuel tank with fuel and add a fuel stabilizer. Run the engine and the generator long enough for the stabilizer to get through the fuel system.
  13. Check and fill the water levels in all lead acid batteries. 
  14. Charge all batteries and remove the batteries for storage unless you plan to keep the batteries charged throughout storage. If you do remove the batteries draw a diagram or take a picture of how they are connected prior to removing. 
  15. Don't forget to cover the tires if the RV is stored outside, and use blocking under tires if the RV is stored on the ground or on asphalt.   
For more information on maintaining your RV take a minute to check out our RV Care & Maintenance e-book training course 

You can modify and add to this list, but it's a good start. If the RV is  stored outdoors its a good idea to cover the RV. Use a cover designed for RVs for the best protection. Happy Camping in 2019! ~ RV 101
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