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Happy 4th of July,

I received lots of emails about my GPS unit last month, some wanting to know the outcome, and others asking what model and brand GPS I recommend for RV owners. 
I sent my GPS in for repairs, and I have not heard anything except that they received it. When I asked the person on the telephone if the model GPS I purchased is experiencing a high volume of warranty work, he avoided the question. I think finding a good reliable GPS for RVs is hit and miss. My old GPS was user friendly, and it worked really well for five or six years. I used it in the RV and in my truck. The new GPS did not make it through two RV trips. It could be, the one I purchased was faulty, or maybe that entire run of products are faulty. Like I said last month, the lesson I learned is to do more  research the next time; not only on the GPS features, but on customer reviews too. The best information you can get about a product is straight from the end-user. 

On another note, don't miss this month's featured video. For years I looked for a reliable portable air compressor that was small enough to keep in the RV, and capable of inflating our RV tires. VIAIR contacted us, asking if we would like to review a portable compressor designed specifically for RVs. We did, and I was truly impressed with its  performance. 

And, check out this month's feature article (and videos) highlighting 10 RV hot weather preventive maintenance checks to help prepare you and your RV for the summer heat. 

Enjoy the newsletter, and as always, if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle please share with them. 

Happy Camping,

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Happy Birthday America
Need a Sway Control Hitch?

Check out the hitch Mark uses when he tows a trailer. 
The Original  Equal-i-zer Sway control hitch has been enjoyed by thousands of trailer owners for over 50 years. Learn more about the Equal-i-zer hitch, and find out which hitch will work best for you:

Equalizer Hitch 4-point sway control. What it is and how it works.

We dropped by the Equalizer booth at RVX to say hello. I wish we had more time in Utah to go visit their facility, it was only about 45 minutes away.
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Lazydays RV talks to the Polks about Tips for New RVers
Photo courtesy of Lazydays
 For new purchasers looking to take their RV out on their first trip, Mark and Dawn recommend getting to know the RV before leaving the dealership. Spending a few nights at the dealership allows new RVers to get a feel for how to operate the RV, identify any small problems needing addressed and any supplies needed.  Read the Interview
Feature Article 
10 RV Hot Weather Preventive Maintenance Checks


Hot temperatures can take a toll on your RV, inside and out.  Here are 10 RV hot weather preventive maintenance checks (plus some videos) to help make sure you and your RV are ready to deal with the summer heat.  Read Now
RV Video of the Month
VIAIR RV Portable Air Compressors
VIAIR RV Portable Air Compressors

For years I discussed the importance of checking and adjusting the inflation pressure in your RV tires. This needs to be done when an RV is taken out of storage, before leaving on an RV trip, and while you are traveling. One problem is, finding a portable air compressor capable of inflating some RV tires like ours, and another problem is where to store a compressor in the RV because of its size. In this RV video I am going to discuss, demonstrate and test the VIAR 450P-RVS portable air compressor designed specifically for RVs.  Watch Now
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RV Tires

Tires are designed and built to be used. The rubber used in tires ages faster when the tires are not used, so more use results in longer tire life. The problem is, lots of RVs sit in storage for long periods of time. When tires are manufactured compounds are added to help protect the rubber from weather cracking and ozone damage. But, the tire needs to be rolling down the road, heating up and flexing for these compounds to work their way to the surface of the tire and help protect the rubber from damage. So, when tires sit still, like in storage, they start to dry out, causing them to age faster. The solution is to plan more RV trips, and use the RV more often :)

Rollin' ON TV - ROTV

  Tired of dead RV batteries?

Stop the problem for good with the charger, maintainer & conditioner that Mark uses on all of his batteries. 

This Month's Special
Get your FREE RV Preventive Maintenance Guide

Get your free RV preventive maintenance guide. Mark wrote this short guide to give RV owners a way to get started on their RV preventive maintenance program. Preventive maintenance  checks are designed to prevent or identify potential problems that could lead to mechanical breakdown, malfunction or failure of a component or system on your RV. Use the guide, and add some of your own checks to tailor it to your specific needs. Enjoy!  Download your guide now
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