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To me the term "RVing" always meant loading the RV and hitting the open road for another adventure in the RV. That changed a little when we purchased an RV lot on the NC coast last year. We bought a used 5th wheel trailer to put on the lot and we added a 10' X 20' screened enclosure. It's like having a small apartment at the beach. This is a new type of "RVing" for us. It's only a 90 minute drive from our house and we really enjoy spending time there. It's like having the best of both worlds. If we want a relaxing weekend to just unwind we head to the beach trailer, and when wanderlust hits us we load up the RV and hit the open road. I guess the term "RVing" has different meanings to different people, but all that matters in the end is you take some time to go RVing. Enjoy the newsletter, and if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle share with them. Happy Camping in 2017.    Mark
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Enjoy the RV Journey
RV Refrigerator Tip
Food in the RV refrigerator needs to be spaced far enough apart to allow for air circulation. A simple solution to assist with air circulation is to purchase an inexpensive battery operated refrigerator fan. Install the batteries and place the fan in the front section of the refrigerator compartment blowing upwards. A small fan like this can improve the refrigerator's efficiency as much as 50%. 

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Need a Sway Control Hitch?

Check out the hitch Mark uses. The Original  Equal-i-zer Sway control hitch has been enjoyed by thousands of trailer owners for over 50 years. Learn more about the Equal-i-zer hitch, and find out which hitch will work best for you:

 Top 10 Items RV Owners need for Reliable Campground Connections
When you travel by RV it's a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. This is especially true when you arrive at your campground destination. I could probably list 20 items that are helpful in making campground connections, but there are 10 items that help ensure reliable connections at the campground every time. Find out what items made my list Read More
Looking for RV Insurance

Explorer RV Insurance Agency is pleased to announce our 'Quote your own RV Insurance' tool.  In less than 10 minutes, an RV owner in most states can get an indication of the cost for our RV insurance, for the coverage limits and options you desire.  

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RV Videos of the Month

If your RV has a Suburban water heater you won't want to miss viewing the Suburban RV water heater maintenance series we just completed. The first video in the series is on the screen above, and links to the other four videos in the series are posted below. Thanks to Suburban for striving to help educate RV owners whose RV is equipped with Suburban products.

             Video #2             Video #3             Video #4             Video #5

There are lots of reasons to be concerned about the water we drink, cook with and wash with, especially when it comes to RVs. In this video see why filtering water in your RV is important and how to go about it. 

   RV History
1916 Cozy Camp tent Trailer
This 1916 Cozy Camp Tent Trailer, built by Habig Manufacturing, is a good example of one of the earliest manufactured trailers when the RV Industry first started.  Most trailers at this time were homemade by local craftsmen. Pneumatic tires were quickly replacing buggy wheels since buggy wheels broke easily on the rutted dirt roads.

If you like RVs and enjoy history you should plan an RV trip to the RV Museum & Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. 

  Tired of dead batteries?

Stop the problem for good with the charger, maintainer & conditioner that Mark uses on all of his batteries.  The Battery Minder

RV Buzz Tip: Air Conditioner Tips & Tricks
Is your RV air conditioner up to the task of dealing with the summer heat? If your air conditioner is operating properly there should be a 15 to 22 degree difference in temperature between the air going in the AC unit and the conditioned air coming out of the ducts. 

             How much water should I add to my battery?

That's a good question, but before I answer the question let's talk briefly about checking the electrolyte levels in your lead-acid batteries. Checking the water level in lead-acid battery cells on a regular basis can save and extend the life of your RV batteries. 

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RV Education 101 Product of the Month
NEW Updated & Revised 

 There are many different types of RVs and many different price ranges, but they all have a few things in common. They offer us the same comfort and conveniences of our home when we are traveling. For RVs to offer these temporary living quarters three things are necessary: LP gas so we can cook, have hot water and stay warm. Water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and showers. Electricity for cooking, lights, keeping food cold, entertainment and creature comforts. But, just how does an RV work?  
For only $12.95 you can't go wrong with this information packed e-book.
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