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Since 1997, I made the yearly trip to Louisville, Kentucky in late November and early December to attend the RVIA National RV Trade Show. After more than 50 years, the RVIA show was cancelled in 2018, and was replaced by the first ever spring event, billed as RVX, The RV Experience. 

In less than two weeks we are headed to Salt Lake City, Utah for the big RV event of the year. I don't really know what to expect, but I hope it lives up to the all of the hype. I will let you know the outcome in our April newsletter, so stay tuned.

Last month we took the RV to Tennessee to film a couple of RV product videos for Suburban and Coleman-Mach, both divisions of Airxcel. While there, the owner of Shelburne RV, Steve Shelburne let us stay at his facility. Steve runs an RV repair service and RV storage operation, including mobile repairs. And they specialize in RV refrigeration repairs. In one of our conversations he brought up the Amish refrigerators he and his father have been building and selling for many years. They take an old RV refrigerator and convert it into an all gas refrigerator that doesn't require any source of electricity to operate. It is not intended for RV owners, it is for folks who enjoy camping off the grid. All you need is an LP gas supply and you have cold food. Be sure to watch the video below, as Steve explains how the Amish refrigerator works.  

Enjoy the newsletter, and as always, if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle please share with them. 

Happy Camping,

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Feature Article 
The After Effects of Frigid Temperatures on your RV


I wrote this article  with three objectives in mind:
  1. To inform you what can happen when your RV is exposed to extreme cold temperatures.
  2. To suggest what you should inspect and do to the RV after the frigid weather, and before your next camping trip.
  3. To suggest some preventive maintenance to help prevent this from happening to your RV again.
In January 2019 we experienced a deep-freeze, or what is known as a polar vortex, in regions around the country. Wind chills were predicted to be minus 40 to minus 65 degrees in some areas with low temperatures ranging from minus 12 to minus 40 degrees. The frigid conditions wreaked havoc on everything in its path. When polar vortex type weather is headed where you live, your priorities are focused on life safety, and things like automobiles and RVs are put on the back burner. Now, the polar vortex has come and gone and it's time to see what it left in its wake. READ MORE   
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Shelburne RV Amish RV Refrigerators

Steve Shelburne specializes in RV refrigeration, and they build lots of Amish refrigerators that work on LP gas without needing 12-volts or 120-volts to operate. These all gas refrigerators are converted out of old RV refrigerators and used by people who like to camp off the grid, without a power source. I asked Steve to explain the Amish refrigerators in this RV how to video.
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