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Hello Everybody,

Let me ask you a question. When you purchase a computer how long does it last before it needs to be replaced? The last computer I purchased was in 2006. When I purchased the computer I knew exactly how I planned to use it, so I researched computers and had mine designed specifically for editing video. I learned about central processing units (CPUs), graphic processors (GPUs), video cards, random access memory (Ram), storage drives and topics like keeping the computer cool. I not only used the computer to edit videos, I used it for everyday work too. To date I have edited well over 300 videos and written well over 1,0000 articles on my 12 year-old computer. The only work I had done on the computer was upgrading the graphics card after we started working with high-definition video files. I always perform preventive maintenance like running scans, and I keep good virus protection software on the computer at all times. I use external drives to store video footage, but after 12 years the computer hard drives are near full capacity so I am thinking it's time to upgrade my computer.
I always say you get what you pay for. If you buy a $300 computer from Walmart you get a $300 computer, and it will probably need to be replaced in two or three years, unless the only thing it's used for is checking email.
The same concept applies to buying an automobile or RV. RVs are built to price points. What I mean is if your only concern is saving money on the purchase price you will find an RV that fits that criteria. When I was an RV sales manager and was involved in making decisions on what brands of RVs to stock in our inventory I only selected RVs I knew were well built and backed by the manufacturer. We did stock what I refer to as an entry level RV line for the price buyer, but I knew the manufacturer would stand behind the RV if there were any problems or warranty work that needed to be done.
Something else I always say is there are basically two types of RV dealers; dealer's whose main concern is profit, and dealer's whose concern is the consumer, quality service and making a fair profit. The difference is, the latter will make sure the RVs stocked in their inventory are well built by a manufacturer who stands behind the product.
When we purchased our last new RV, now 11 years old, I wanted a middle of the road RV that was well built yet affordable. It was never at the dealership for warranty work except for a recall on the refrigerator and a problem with the back-up camera. I perform preventive maintenance on a regular basis and to this day it is only the little things, that after 11 years of wear and tear need to be worked on or replaced.
I still believe the bottom line is you get what you pay for. A $300 computer will always be a $300 computer and you should not have high expectations for top-notch quality and reliable service at that price. I mentioned earlier that I am finally replacing my 11 year-old computer. It did not break, fail or crash, it is just getting old, tired and slow. At my age I am not going to purchase a $4,000 dollar video editing super work-station; I am going to research and compare components like the processor, graphics card and storage drives and buy a very good middle of the road computer that fits my needs and my budget.

I think it's important for consumers buying an RV to do the same thing. Determine what your budget is, and research and compare different brands of RVs until you find one that fits your specific needs. If your purchase is based solely on price you should not be disappointed when the RV does not perform as well as a model that costs several thousand dollars more. Value is important, but if you settle for the minimum standards in RV construction and equipment (whether standard or optional) you need to be prepared live with it.

In mid-October we sent out our first special edition magazine publication. We decided, based on requests from readers, to publish quarterly issues of the magazine style publication focusing on topics of interest to RV owners and RV enthusiasts. The October issue focused on RV campgrounds. If you missed it

My next special edition magazine publication will focus on what to look for when you purchase an RV. It will help guide you through some important decisions in the RV selecting and buying process, but in the end remember you get what you pay for whether it's a computer or an RV.  
Until then enjoy our monthly newsletter, and if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle share with them. Happy Camping in 2017.

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RV Buzz Tip: RV Tool Box Tip
                          (Duct Tape)
Recently we produced a video discussing what tools and essential supplies I keep in my RV toolbox. The last item on my list, in the video, was a roll of duct tape. I explained how duct tape can provide a quick fix and get you out of a jam. Soon after producing the video we took an RV trip. On the way back , about 500 miles from home, my driver's side flat mirror fell out of the mirror housing while driving down the interstate. It was only held on by the wires that control the heat function in the mirror. I got off the interstate at the next exit and after inspecting the mirror discovered two tabs had broken off making it impossible to repair. I did not want to drive 500 miles with only a convex mirror so my roll of duct tape saved the day. 
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