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Hello Fellow Campers,

Many of you probably remember when our monthly newsletter was in a digital magazine format. About a year ago we changed to a more conventional newsletter format. At the time I told you, our readers, I would continue using the magazine format periodically when or if there was a topic of interest that concerns the majority of RV owners.This month I selected "RV Quality" as the topic for this special edition publication
because quality is important to every RV owner. 

I am in a unique position to write about RV quality. I sold RVs, I was an RV sales manager for many years, and I have owned, used and repaired RVs for most of my adult life. As an RV sales manager I only wanted quality built RVs in our dealership's inventory. I met and talked with RV manufacturing sales reps and owners of RV manufacturing companies at RV trade shows. And I helped make the decisions on what units we stocked and sold to our customers. 

Now, after 20 years of owning RV Education 101 I have the opportunity to walk-through hundreds of RVs every year, I get to talk to RV owners about RV quality firsthand, I install products on RVs, I inspect RVs and I still work on RVs.

My goal with this publication wasn't to simply say RV quality is good or bad and leave it at that. My goal was to take an unbiased look at RV quality and workmanship, try to highlight some causes for poor RV quality, talk about some misunderstandings, and look at some measures that might help improve RV quality.

Click Here to Read & Save your  PDF copy of RV Quality Questioned

Enjoy this special edition publication, and if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle share it with them. 

Happy Camping,
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Special Edition
RV Quality Questioned?
      Click Here to Read & Save Your PDF Copy of RV Quality Questioned
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