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Hello Fellow Campers,

Our plan for September was to attend the 
Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show in Hershey, Pa. to see what's new for 2019. Little did we know that shortly after arriving in Hershey a tropical storm named Florence had its sights set on NC. The tropical storm soon turned into a hurricane and would make landfall in Wilmington North Carolina. We live about 75 miles inland from Wilmington.

We debated leaving the RV show and heading back home, but that would be contrary to everything I write about when it comes to using your RV to evacuate from dangerous storms. We decided to stay at the RV show until the rivers crested, and then attempt to find a safe route to return back home. 

This month's feature article is about putting what's in writing through a real-world practical test. Using RVs for Evacuation and Shelter from a Storm

Enjoy the newsletter, and if you have family or friends who like RVs and the RV lifestyle share with them. 

Happy Camping in 2018.

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Enjoy the RV Journey
Staying safe from Hurricane Florence
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Feature Article 
Using RVs for Evacuation & Shelter from a Storm

September began like any other month, but soon took a turn for the worse. It was typical day-to-day business, and we were preparing for an RV trip to attend the RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  Prior to leaving on the trip the news reported a tropical storm forming in the Atlantic with conditions that could spell trouble for the Eastern Seaboard. Not knowing at the time where the storm would make landfall we continued with our trip planning and did little in the way of preparing our house for potential storm damage. We live about 75 miles inland from Wilmington, North Carolina and we have a destination camper on a lot across the street from the ocean at North Topsail Beach, North Carolina. Read More 
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