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June/ 2/ 2018
Mission to North America
Disaster Response
RV Ministry Builds Shed at Ridge Haven
As part of their annual spring work-week at Ridge Haven, the MNA Second Career RV Outreach ministry pre-built and set up a Shed of Hope for the camp. In the spring, they help bring the camp out of its long hibernation. In the fall, they spend a week helping to prepare it for its long winter sleep. Adding a Shed of Hope to their project list was an act of love for the ongoing ministry of the camp and to the many youth and leaders that will pass through Ridge Haven this summer.
They All Know the Drill!
During prime golfing hours, a group of faithful and energetic, mostly retired people choose power drills over golf clubs. They build together Monday-Wednesday from 10 to 3 at our Dallas DR Warehouse. They are able to pre-build a Shed of Hope each day. From all walks of life, they have found a common purpose in ministering to people who will suffer a future loss from a natural disaster. We are truly grateful for their investment of time and energy.
The Ripple Effect
Here is an example of how trained churches are opening new doors:
  • Last year, we trained a church in Georgia to pre-build Sheds of Hope.
  • During the year, they:
  • Pre-built 16 Sheds of Hope
  • Trained a church from Tennessee.
  • The Tennessee church then:
  • Pre-built 4 sheds
  • Sent one of their leaders to help train a group from MNA's Second Career RV Outreach ministry.
  • As part of their 2018 spring week at Ridge Haven, the RV Outreach team pre-built a Shed of Hope and set it up on site for the camp
  • One of the RV Outreach team took the vision to his church in Auburn.
  • The Sheds of Hope Roadshow will be going to Auburn, Alabama to train a new shed-building church during the month of June.
Better Prepared for Storms
More sheds are being stored in Dallas and Rome than we built last year.
New facilities expand capabilities and vision:
  • The Charles H. Jones Family Disaster Response Center in Rome:
  • offices and training rooms to facilitate and train future responders
  • Sheds of Hope training area
  • storage of Sheds of Hope, Flood Buckets, Hygiene Kits, equipment
  • The new Dallas Disaster Response Warehouse:
  • room to store disaster response supplies and equipment, as needed
  • state of the art Sheds of Hope pre-building training area
Your Prayers and Gifts
Move the Ministry Forward!
Prayer requests:
  • Development of Training Videos
  • Additional Roadshows as we expand our vision and training to Colorado later this Summer
  • Safety and protection on the road and at building sites