RVP Waivers
Today, the EPA announced it will temporarily waiver the summer RVP requirements for gasoline due to the dramatic falloff for gasoline demand as a result of Covid-19. This waiver pushes the May 1 deadline for terminal blendover to May 20.

Without a waiver of the summer gasoline requirements, terminals would be required to stop selling the winter gasoline sitting in their storage tanks on May 1st, which would prevent them from loading summer gasoline into the storage tanks, resulting in a shortage of gasoline. By waiving the low volatility and blending limitations  through May 20, 2020 , EPA will ensure a steady supply of gasoline. EPA will continue to monitor the adequacy of gasoline supplies and, should conditions warrant, may modify or extend this waiver at a later date.

Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut will need to issue a similar waiver for an April 1st deadline. To date, Rhode Island has issued its waiver , and we expect to have Maine and Connecticut shortly. Massachusetts and New Hampshire do not require action for April.

NECSEMA, along with its national association partners, has been actively encouraging EPA and our state agencies to issue these waivers ASAP. Our appreciation goes out to them for their partnership and understanding of the time sensitive nature of this issue.