Issue 2  |  February 2017
RV Texas Y'all Newsletter
Hey y'all!  We've been working away behind the scenes on our website to take it to the next level. is a dynamic site that is always changing and evolving.  We have big plans that you will see rolling out over the course of this year to make the site even better.  Recently, we've added an RSS Feed, so if you use Shared Links in Safari, Feedspot, Feedly or another content aggregator, you can now add our Feed to your account to be notified of new posts! Named Among the
Top 100 RV Blogs in the World!
The folks at Feedspot recently published their list of the "Top 100 RV Blogs Every RV or Motorhome Travel Enthusiast Must Follow".  The list includes RV related websites from all over the world.  

We are very excited to announce that made our debut on this list at #75!  This is an honor and we really appreciate the folks at Feedspot including us, but we will be working hard to move up in the rankings as we move forward. 😁
Upcoming Events
RV Shows In February
Look for Shows featuring RVs in the following cities in February:  

San Antonio, Odessa, Robstown,
Houston, Austin and Dallas
Fun Events In February
Rodeos and Mardi Gras Celebrations
lead the fun stuff going on in...   

Fort Worth, Laredo, Galveston, Brownsville, San Antonio, Austin and More!

Our Latest Video

One of the activities we enjoy while camping is geocaching. It has been a great way for us to discover some pretty unique and interesting places that we would not have known existed if a geocache hadn't drawn our attention. Would you ever think that feral chickens would rule the roost on a residential street in Bastrop, Texas? We sure wouldn't, but they definitely do! (Don't believe us? Watch the video above or Click Here to Read More About Geocaching)
Featured Blog Post
San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
One of the things that we love about our home state is its history. Texas is rich in history. And as we tour around the state, we're learning that a big part of Texas History can be found in the Spanish Missions. While we were in San Antonio, we took the time to visit San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. We're so glad we did!...

RV Industry News
Monthly Survey
February Poll: How Many Trips Do You Hope To Take In Your RV in 2017?
How Many Trips Do You Hope to Take in Your RV in 2017?
1 or 2 Trips
3 to 6 Trips
7 to 12 Trips
More Than 12 Trips!
I'm a Full time RVer!
January Survey Results
Thanks to everyone who responded to the January Survey.  Here are the results...

How Many RV Shows Do You Plan to Attend in 2017?

  • 38.5% As Many As I Can!
  • 30.8% At Least 2
  • 23.1% 1 is Enough For Me
  • 07.6% No RV Shows For Me in 2017. Maybe Next Year.
Who We Are Following...
The Motorhome Experiment!
Paul and Lorena Charron recently sold their home in Las Vegas and hit the road full-time in their motorhome!  They chronicle their RV adventures on their YouTube Channel:  The Motorhome Experiment.

Paul and Lorena are currently exploring Texas and are publishing videos about their experiences in the Lone Star State as they travel.  We really enjoy their videos, and think that you will too.  Here's one of their recent posts filmed in West Texas and Del Rio...
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