Issue 3  |  March 2017
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Hey y'all!  While our friends up North are digging out of feet of snow, down here in Texas we're enjoying blue skies and Spring weather. How awesome is that?!  

Here at we continue to work away at improving our website. As of a few weeks ago, our entire site now features https encryption. (Notice the padlock to the left of the URL when you visit our site now?) This should mean faster load times for you since the browsers now recognize that our site has been certified as secure!
March is Texas History Month!
From the Ice Age to the Space Age: 100 Historical Sites to Visit in Texas!
Texas is RICH in history!  In honor of Texas History Month, we've added our list of interesting Historical Sites to visit around the state.  We've started with 100 sites, but we've definitely missed some.  Send us a note to let us know about your favorite historical site in Texas so we can add it to the list!
Upcoming Events
Festivals & Fun Events in March!
From Art Fests to Rodeos and everything in between!  Even though we're halfway through the month, you still have 65 fun events to choose from to enjoy our beautiful March weather!
Our Latest Video

Up in the Texas Panhandle approximately halfway between Amarillo and Lubbock, you'll find Caprock Canyons State Park. Miles away from big city lights and highway noise, this is the perfect location for star-gazing. On a clear night, you have an incredible view of the Milky Way! Up here, the stars really are "big and bright" and the wildlife watching is amazing!!  Read More...
Featured Blog Post
Bullock Texas History Museum
Opened in 2001, this museum houses an impressive collection of Texas artifacts: from the reproduction skeleton of a French explorer who found himself stranded in the Gulf of Mexico to the original 2,000 pound iron Goddess of Liberty who topped the Capitol Building until 1985 when she was replaced by a replica. Here you see everything from Stephen F Austin's gun to Babe Zaharias' golf putter. Put this on your list of Must Sees!...

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March Poll: What Type of RV Do You Currently Own?
What Type of RV Do You Currently Own?
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February Survey Results
Thanks to everyone who responded to the February Survey.  Here are the results...

How Many Trips Do You Hope to Take in Your RV in 2017?

  • 38.1%   3 to 6 Trips
  • 19.0%   More Than 12 Trips!
  • 14.3%   7 to 12 Trips
  • 14.3%   I'm a Full-Time RVer!
  • 14.3%   1 or 2 Trips
Who We Are Following...
Wise About Texas!
Since November 2015, Justice Ken Wise has shared his exceptional understanding of Texas history through his podcast: "Wise About Texas".  Justice Wise is a Native Texan who brings history to life as he shares stories he has researched and tells you how to find these interesting places. We have enjoyed his podcast from day 1 and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the history of Texas. To listen to Wise About Texas, visit his website:
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