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RWU Issues

Official Statement on PEB #250

PEB #250 is Unworthy of Support by U.S. Rail Workers

On 9/16/2022, Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) #250 issued its Report and Recommendations to reach a negotiated settlement in the dispute between the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC) and the "United Rail Unions." The RWU Steering Committee (all of whom are rank & file rail workers themselves) has given much thought and consideration to the Report. After much dialog and discussion among the members of the RWU Steering Committee; and after countless face-to-face and on-line discussions with railroad workers; and after circulating a national survey to rail workers on the question which showed overwhelming opposition to the PEB recommendations, RWU has drafted an official position an statement on the question of PEB #250. In short, RWU does not believe that railroad workers should support any Tentative Agreement with the rail carriers that is based solely upon the recommendations of the PEB.

Read the RWU Official Statement Here

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