Dear TBC family, 

A few weeks ago at Shabbat services, I shared an excerpt from the book, Entering the Temple of Dreams , that I found particularly powerful. The words have been reverberating around in my mind and my heart since I read them, and I wanted to begin this message by sharing them with you.

"Being truly seen is a most powerful form of blessing... This seeing of a person's true essence is also a vision of [their] potential, the self that is not yet manifest in the world. 
...In those moments [when we are truly seen], we become witness to each other's existence.
When we are seen, we feel real. "  

TBC family- I see you.
I see parents who are  trying to give their families and their careers all of their time and energy.
I see kids who are confused and acting out because their world has been entirely transformed.
I see adults who are no longer able to visit in-person with cherished parents and elderly relatives and who must care for them from afar.
I see families who are spread across the country and across the world that are grappling with the idea that scheduled visits must be postponed or cancelled.
I see single people who set a Seder table for one and who haven't been able to give another person a hug for weeks.
I see families who are crowded into houses and holding one another close.
I see people whose work has evaporated and those who are worried about how they'll pay their bills this month.
I see people who are in a financially steady place who have offered to help their TBC family members.
I see fierce people who are dealing with chronic and newly-diagnosed illnesses even as they weather the pandemic.
I see people who are anxious and can't sit still, and I see people who are feeling numb and drained of energy.
I see journalists who are working tirelessly to share information with their community.
I see professionals who are rebuilding their work routines from scratch.
I see teachers who are working constantly to educate their students in entirely new ways.
I see high school seniors whose final months of classes should be filled with joy and togetherness.
I see college students who have had to suddenly return home and who aren't sure when they'll be able to go back to school.
I see families who have had to postpone or reimagine the celebration of life cycle events, and I see families who want nothing more than to mourn together.
I see health care professionals who are risking their lives in order to save others.

I see brave faces who are holding it together so that others can lean on them.
I see the shining eyes of those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

TBC family- I see you. 

I see what you're experiencing- the grief you feel for loved ones who you've lost, the trauma of having your lives transformed, the fear that comes with so much that is unknown, the joy of welcoming new babies even from afar, the happiness of knowing that someone you love is safe even if it's only for this moment- I see it all, and it is very real.

Be kind to yourselves and others. Reach out if you need spiritual, emotional, or financial help. Remember that you are seen and that this community is here for you as we continue to navigate this unprecedented situation.

And if you find yourself craving the blessing of seeing and being seen by others, register for one or more of TBC's upcoming programs. I will see you there.

Be safe. Be well. You are a blessing.

-Rabbi Bearman

Story Time with Rabbi Bearman - Friday, April 17th, 10:30am

Welcoming Shabbat Together - Friday, April 17th, 7:30pm

Torah Study Class - Saturday, April 18th, 9:30am

Sisterhood Havdalah Service (Everyone is welcome!) - Saturday, April 18th, 6:30pm

Religious School programming will continue this week. Parents should look for information in Chailites and in emails directly from Karin Beitel.