September 1, 2019
Yeung Racco
City of Vaughan’s municipal offices and facilities are closed on Monday, Sept. 2 for the Labour Day statutory holiday and will reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 3. For a complete list of facility closures, alternate hours and changes in programming, please click here.
Back to School Safety

Many kids are heading back to school for September. The City of Vaughan is reminding residents to be safe in school zones:

  • Follow signs posted in school zones.
  • Obey crossing guard signals.
  • Keep fire routes and bus zones clear.

Why do we Ticket and Tow?

  • Safety hazards occur when a vehicle obstructs the visibility of traffic and pedestrians at a stop sign or blocks an emergency vehicle access or fire hydrant
  • Traffic delays may result when a vehicle stops momentarily, blocking or slowing down traffic flow and causing potential danger to children, parents and other vehicles
  • Blocked driveways and permit parking violators impact parking in school zones

Be Part of the Solution!

An increasing number of schools throughout York Region are encouraging students and their families to use active means of travel to school such as walking or biking instead of driving. Active and safe routes to school programs promote increased physical activity, reduce traffic congestion and help improve air quality. Please check with your school to see if there is a program for you and your child. 

Safety Tips for Parking in School Zones

City of Vaughan By-law and Compliance is responsible for enforcing parking regulations that promote public safety, enhance traffic flow and maintain community well-being. Officers encourage public compliance of school zone parking and driving regulations by providing awareness and education, identifying required signage and, when necessary, ticketing and/or towing vehicles in violation.

Every year the City of Vaughan receives hundreds of complaints about school zone parking and driving violations. School zone by-laws have been established for the safety of the children and pedestrians. Please bear in mind the following tips to help minimize the potential for dangerous situations to occur.

  • Avoid double parking
  • Watch for signs indicating No Stopping and No Parking
  • Keep fire routes and bus zones clear
  • Leave 9 metres between your car and crosswalks and/or stop signs - Parking too close to these locations makes it difficult to see children when crossing the road
  • Ensure your children exit by the passenger side of your vehicle
  • Stay back 2 feet (0.6 metres) from private driveways to avoid conflict with residents
  • Use designated crosswalks or cross at an intersection when parking across the street

Safety Tips for Driving Through School Zones

  • Slow down and be ready to stop at all times
  • Stop for school buses and be aware of children running in front of or behind buses
  • Do not perform U-turns in school zones
  • Do not pass other vehicles in a school zone
  • Expect the unexpected - children may cross the street at the wrong place, run into traffic or ride in front of your vehicle without warning
  • Obey all laws including the posted speed limits
  • Avoid distraction within your vehicle and ensure your children are secured in a correctly installed child-restraint seat
  • Obey crossing guard signals and yield to pedestrians

Questions? Concerns?

Access Vaughan................... 905-832-2281
York Regional Police............. 1-866-876-5423

Visit for more information on parking by-laws.
The City of Vaughan is hiring crossing guards for the 2019/20 school year. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the community and make a difference in the lives of children. To apply or learn more about the program, call Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281, email with “Crossing Guard” in the subject line or go to the City’s Joint Operations Centre at 2800 Rutherford Rd.

School crossing guards are an important part of the community. These dedicated individuals work every school day to protect and assist children walking across the streets of Vaughan.
There are 112 crosswalk locations throughout the City and growing. The city has both permanent and standby crossing guards who service all locations. The City of Vaughan recruits, trains and hires crossing guards, and conducts pedestrian studies, selects crosswalk locations and installs appropriate signage and pavement markings.
The City of Vaughan is a proud annual participant of Culture Days, a free national event celebrating arts, culture, creativity and inspiration in Vaughan on Friday, Sept. 27 to Sunday, Sept. 29 .

To celebrate our 10th year, join us for a weekend of free activities with family, friends and neighbours. Share how you celebrate using #VaughanCultureDays on social media. Activities and special feature programming are happening across Vaughan and programming includes:

  • Latin-themed activities and salsa at Vaughan Mills
  • a Lobster Festival and music.
  • The Opening of an Indigenous Garden at McMichael Canadian Art Collection.
  • a Live Art Competition in Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Transit Square.
  • An Evening Music Lounge and Vaughan’s Cutest Canine contest at the VMC.

For more information on Culture Days click here.
Bass Pro Mills Drive Extension

As a key initiative in our commitment to continually improve and enhance the transportation network to support future growth and to improve the flow of traffic, the City of Vaughan is proceeding with the construction and extension of Bass Pro Mills Drive from Romina Drive to connect with Jane Street at Locke Street.

Proposed Schedule

Our Contractor began mobilizing in early August and construction will commence this month. We anticipate that this first phase of construction will be completed, and the road will be open to traffic by the end of November of this year. This first
phase of work includes construction of the road extension, underground municipal sewer and watermain services, installation of streetlights, and traffic signal improvements at Jane Street and Locke Street. The surface works including; a multi-use path, sidewalk, streetscaping, and final surface course asphalt, will be completed in the spring/summer of 2020 as part of the second phase of the construction.

Construction Impact on Local Businesses and Traffic

While most of the construction work will be outside the limits of the existing traveled roadways, there will be some construction works within the existing
intersections of Bass Pro Mills Drive/Romina Drive and Jane Street/Locke Street. All existing roads will remain open and lane restrictions will be put in place to allow construction to proceed.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work to complete this important expansion of our existing transportation network. To view the construction notice, click here .
Landmark Initiative Builds Upon Expansion in the
Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

The City of Vaughan is pleased to announce that the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, is moving ahead with the City’s flood prevention initiative in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). Known as the Black Creek Renewal Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Project (Black Creek Renewal Class EA Study), this new action plan is essential in continuing the development in Vaughan’s downtown core.

The approved study will allow the City to implement effective flood control measures, enhance the natural heritage system and beautify the public realm through the renewal of the VMC’s Black Creek valley corridor between Highway 7 and Highway 407. Visit here to learn more.
Provide Feedback on Adding Short-Term Rentals to the Zoning By-law

The City of Vaughan is proposing changes to the Zoning By-law to address short-term rental accommodations in Vaughan. A short-term rental accommodation (such as Airbnb, student lodging, billet hosts, etc.) generally refers to private individuals renting out their residence, or part of their residence, for short periods of time in exchange for a fee.

Last year, citizens and stakeholders were invited to complete a survey online or through Access Vaughan to give their opinions on short-term rentals. The results showed that 70% of respondents wanted the City to put new rules and regulations in place to dictate how and where short-term rentals may be permitted to operate.

Attend the Public Hearing on Tuesday, September 17 at 7 p.m. to provide your comments on the proposed changes. To learn more, click here or view the public hearing notice online .
What’s Old is New Again

Someone’s unwanted, but reusable, items could be someone else’s treasure. The City of Vaughan hosts Curbside Giveaway events on the last weekend of every month through to October. To participate, place your gently used items next to your sidewalk or curb for others to take. Mark items with a FREE – Curbside Giveaway” sign  (PDF) and set them out between 7 a.m. Saturday morning, and 5 p.m. Sunday night. Remember, material not removed by dusk on Sunday could result in a by-law violation; participants must remember to retrieve their items by 5 p.m.

This initiative gives useful items a new life while keeping them out of landfill. It also encourages recycling, builds a stronger community and contributes to a more sustainable city.

Next Curbside Giveaway Days
  • Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29
  • Saturday, Oct. 26 and Sunday, Oct. 27
Vaughan Ranks in the Top Five Cities with the Lowest Property Tax Rates in Ontario

The City of Vaughan continues to maintain one of the lowest tax rates in the Greater Toronto Area. A recent report from Zoocasa ranked Vaughan in the top 5 for cities with the lowest property tax rates in Ontario. We are committed to providing value for taxpayers’ hard-earned money while providing excellent services that contribute to our outstanding quality of life – of which 97% of residents agree is good. Learn more about Vaughan’s property tax rates in the City’s 2019 Budget and 2020-2022 Financial Plan.
The York Mastermind Networking group is hosted at Vaughan City Hall, and is designed to inspire, motivate and educate entrepreneurs in Vaughan, York Region and parts of the GTA to successfully overcome business challenges.

The main objective of the session is to connect you with other business owners and entrepreneurs, who might give suggestions to the challenges you face, that would help grow your business.

The Program upholds this idea by connecting your peers in a forum that helps you discuss your business challenges and collaboratively think of solutions. This collaborative forum of networking will help local entrepreneurs beyond just building a network; it is designed to help build long-term relationships with the local business community.

M  ore information is available at
Summer Maintenance Program

The City of Vaughan uses contractors for our Summer Maintenance Program. As the season comes to a close, here is a reminder of some of our services:
Storm Water Pond Maintenance:
The City is committed to managing and protecting stormwater ponds and systems to ensure they continue to protect the environment, properties and water quality.

Stormwater ponds are in naturalized areas, including woodlots and open spaces that are maintained differently than City parks and pathways. A naturalized area helps enhance habitats and promotes biodiversity in the city. Protecting these areas also supports Environmental Stewardship.

The City maintains the area around stormwater ponds and open spaces throughout the year. The work is performed in June and September each year, and sometimes more often depending on the growth of the grass in the area due to weather conditions. Trees and bushes are left to grow or naturally decay unless a hazard is noted during inspection. Cleaning and removal of debris only occurs around the stormwater pond. If a subdivision is newly built and not yet assumed by the City of Vaughan, it is the responsibility of the developer to maintain the stormwater pond area.

If you have any questions regarding the management of stormwater ponds, please contact Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281. 

Boulevard Maintenance:
The start of this program begins with boulevards litter being picked up prior to the cutting rotation and continues every 2 weeks. There are 14 rotations scheduled throughout this season and the summer months may have longer rotations due to the slow growth of grass during draught conditions. The City of Vaughan is working with York Region to sync the schedule so that both areas are cut on the same day. For a list of scheduled rotation dates, click here .

Street Sweeping:
The City’s street-sweeping program begins in early spring, and the initial city-wide sweep takes approximately four to five weeks to complete, depending on the weather. After this initial spring cleaning, street sweeping will continue throughout the summer and into the fall on 20-24 day rotation.

Boulevard Tree Pruning:
The City of Vaughan uses a block pruning rotation to prune trees on entire streets. This includes but is not limited to: removing low hanging limbs, suckers, deadwood, and limbs growing towards houses of all trees on a street. The Block Pruning rotation allows staff to consistently and efficiently maintain safe clearances above roads (approximately 4.5 meters) and sidewalks (approximately 2.5 meters). Street pruning is contracted out to private tree companies.
The Forestry division aims to conduct regular pruning operations within 8 months of the initial inspection. If you feel your boulevard tree requires attention please create an inspection work order for pruning by contacting: Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281.

For more information about Vaughan's Spring and Summer Maintenance Program...

Please contact Vaughan's Transportation Services, Parks and Forestry Operations department. Click here for more information about the department. For additional information or to speak to a customer service representative about an issue, please contact Access Vaughan at:
905-832-2281 or
September 2
Please note City closures

September 16 - 27

September 18
10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Vaughan City Hall

September 25
5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Vaughan Animal Services

September 25
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Vaughan City Hall

September 27 - 29
Various Locations

September 29 - 30
Until 5:00 p.m.
The City of Vaughan Launches the Vaughan Rising Podcast

The City’s first podcast series is here! Vaughan is the commercial real estate market to watch. Mega developments, a business-friendly climate and a bold approach to city-building are creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses and residents. Host Michelle Samson, Economic Development Officer, takes a deep-dive into Vaughan’s most exciting projects with the leaders making this city the place to be. The Vaughan Rising Podcast is produced by the City’s Economic and Cultural Development department. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud and at .
Major Mackenzie Drive West Reopened

York Region has reopened Major Mackenzie Drive West to one lane in each direction from Avro/McNaughton roads to St. David’s Parish. The pedestrian shuttle will remain in effect until the sidewalks are available the week of Aug. 19. The opening date is almost three weeks ahead of schedule from the previously announced date of Aug. 30. York Region is replacing a culvert located on Major Mackenzie Drive West. The culvert is a large steel pipe tunnel that transports water from the West Don River. Learn more here about the project benefits and timelines:
Give a Green Thumbs Up!

Green Directions Vaughan, the City’s sustainability plan, has been a guidepost since 2009 for making environmentally responsible decisions and actions. Thanks in part to the community’s ongoing feedback, the City completed a review and update of the plan with refreshed priorities and guiding principles. Read the draft plan, give it a green thumbs up and visit the pop-up booth at an upcoming City event. Learn more at
Home Library Services for Customers

Stay connected with your library! People who are physically unable to visit the library can register for Vaughan Public Libraries’ Home Library Services to have access to additional services, including an option for delivery of materials to your doorstep by qualified volunteers. It’s a free service that you can use temporarily or on a permanent basis. For those wishing to use the Homebound Delivery Service or who know someone who could benefit from the program, please contact your local branch at 905-653-READ (7323) or visit here for an application form.
West Nile Virus in Vaughan

The Regional Municipality of York monitors West Nile virus activity by setting mosquito traps and testing for West Nile Virus (WNV). One mosquito trap in the City of Vaughan recently tested positive for WNV. The positive trap is located at Weston Road and Rutherford Road. For more information on West Nile virus and tips to help protect from WNV, please contact York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 or TTY 1-866-512-6228 or visit
Volunteer with Vaughan Public Libraries

Vaughan Public Libraries offers various opportunities for you to earn your volunteer hours by assisting staff and customers. There are openings for various age groups in a wide variety of areas such as Fun with French, ESL Café, Tech Coaches and Reading Buddies. For a full listing of all opportunities, come to one of our branches or visit .
New Printing Service — Email to Print

Vaughan Public Libraries’ (VPL) new printing service, Email to Print, is available for all library customers. Register your email address on VPL’s Web Print site and email your work to . You can print from any device (library computers, personal laptop, library laptops, tablets or cell phones) in the library or remotely. Go to any VPL location to release and pick-up your print job. Instructions are available on the VPL website .
The City of Vaughan’s Economic and Cultural Development team have been visiting businesses across the city from May to October. Staff have shared information on the City’s business support services, offered ways for you to connect with other business leaders in the community and listened to feedback about operating a business in Vaughan. Two more dates are scheduled:

  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre​ - September 27​
  • Maple Village​ - October 25

To learn more visit
Recording Studio

Get a basic introduction to the recording studio and how to troubleshoot common issues with the equipment and software at Civic Centre Resource Library . Multiple dates are available. Rock on!
Service Vaughan is an online reporting tool that offers residents and businesses non-emergency help with City services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through the tool, citizens can report concerns and open tickets regarding debris, garbage & recycling, parks & trees, roads & sidewalks, signs & street lights, and water issues.

This site should not be used to report an emergency. If you require the assistance of police, fire or ambulance services, please dial 911. For municipal emergencies or problems that require immediate attention, please dial 905-832-2281 to reach a live agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information, or to visit the portal, click here .
The Way We Were: Archives Collection of the Month
On January 1st, 1991, the Town of Vaughan officially gained City status and became the City of Vaughan! The City’s Designation, captured in By-Law 167-91, as well as celebratory flyers, photos and commemorative newspapers, reminds us of this exciting achievement as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Vaughan’s City Status throughout the year.

The collection consists of six Tweedsmuir Village Histories, minute books, membership lists, financial statements, photographs, and over 200 cm of textual records.

The holdings of the City of Vaughan Archives are both rich and diverse, and include government and non-government records. All forms of media (textual, graphic, audio, visual, electronic, etc.) are represented and subjects include architecture, commerce, sports, transportation, war, and more. Collections can be any size, from hundreds of boxes to only a handful of items.

To find out more about the City of Vaughan Archives, visit
facingNORTH: art | symbol | story exhibition
The City of Vaughan is featuring a curated exhibition titled facingNORTH: art | symbol | story . The exhibition is now featured in the on the SLATE Atrium Gallery at Vaughan City Hall until Tuesday, Dec. 24. It includes stone and bone sculptures and wall hangings that interpret traditional Inuit legends, myths and ways of life. Visit for details.
Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

Summer Collection
Tuesday, June 18 to Friday, October 18
Collected EVERY OTHER week on your garbage collection day

Fall Collection
Tuesday, October 22 to Friday, December 13
Collected WEEKLY

Click here to view Acceptable and Unacceptable Items and a Set Out Requirements.
Upcoming Council and Committee Meetings

September 5
Property Standards
6:00 p.m.

Committee of Adjustment
6:00 p.m.

September 16
Compliance Audit Committee
3:00 p.m.

Property Standards
6:00 p.m.

September 17
Committee of the Whole (1)
1:00 p.m.

Committee of the Whole - Public Hearing
7:00 p.m.

September 18
Heritage Vaughan Committee
7:00 p.m.

September 19
Committee of Adjustment
6:00 p.m.

September 24
Committee of the Whole (2)
1:00 p.m.

Committee of the Whole (Closed Session)
5:00 p.m.

September 25
Accessibility Advisory Committee
7:00 p.m.

Full meeting information  here
 Live broadcast  available.
Ward 4 Councillor's Office
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