July 2, 2020
Yeung Racco
Citizens are invited to attend the City of Vaughan’s first-ever virtual Public Information Session:

Thursday, July 9
7 p.m.

Learn more about the Carrville Community Centre, Library and District Park project and give feedback on the proposed design option from the safety of their homes. This future multi-use community hub, which will combine spaces for play, learning, fitness and sport, will be built on a 7.52-hectare parcel of land bordered by Major Mackenzie Drive (to the north), Valley Vista Drive (to the south), Thomas Cook Avenue (to the west) and Toronto Region and Conservation Authority-regulated valley lands and associated watercourse (to the east). 
Attendees of the virtual Public Information Session will have the opportunity to view the proposed design renderings that reflect functionality, accessibility, sustainability, urban and architectural design features. Citizens who would like to attend the virtual session can  register  for their spot online. A link to the online information session will be provided in advance of the event to all registered guests. After the session, participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback via an online survey. A link to the survey will also be made available at  vaughan.ca/CarrvilleCC  for those who cannot attend.
The City of Vaughan continues to manage the COVID-19 global pandemic and assess measures to help break the chain of transmission. The health and well-being of citizens, staff and visitors continues to be the City of Vaughan’s top priority. 

Many City services continue to be offered online or via telephone. For questions, contact Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281 or visit vaughan.ca or vaughanpl.info . Please check here the latest updates, including modified services and recent cancellations.
Essential services, such as fire and emergency response, waste collection, water/wastewater services, by-law and enforcement services and the Access Vaughan centre continue to operate.

What’s open?
The following services continue to operate without disruptions:
Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of the services and resources that continue to be offered online - including Service Vaughan, an online reporting tool that enables individuals to submit a service request, report on non-emergency City services and track their submission 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
Residents can access the tool by clicking here . Currently, the platform supports requests on six City services, including:
  • debris, vandalism and graffiti
  • garbage and recycling
  • parks, trees and grass
  • roads and sidewalks
  • signs and streetlights
  • water services
The City of Vaughan continues to work closely with all levels of government to monitor the situation and to ensure people remain safe. As a result, the decision has been made to extend the closure of all City facilities to the public until further notice to help break the chain of transmission.

What’s Closed?  
The following City facility closures and program cancellations are currently in effect:
  • Vaughan City Hall
  • Joint Operations Centre
  • All community centre and library branches
  • All community centre permits/rentals, recreational and library programming, swimming pools, arenas and fitness facilities
  • Vaughan Animal Shelter - For adoption information or other animal inquiries, contact Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281
  • City Playhouse Theatre
  • Tours at Fire Stations
  • All City run events until further notice
Curbside marriage licences now available! The City of Vaughan is now offering curbside marriage licences to couples looking to tie the knot. While the global COVID-19 pandemic persists, licences will be issued by appointment only for curbside pickup at Vaughan City Hall. The Office of the City Clerk will be accepting appointments for July marriage licences from Monday, June 29 until Friday, July 10. To arrange a curbside booking, please email registrationservices@vaughan.ca . Limited spots are available.
Leaf and yard waste collection is proceeding, as originally scheduled. It will be collected every second week, in accordance with garbage pickup. Due to volume, collection may be slower than usual - residents are asked to leave leaf and yard waste out into the next day to accommodate. The City asks that large or bulky items, such as furniture, be held and not placed outside for pickup to help collectors manage the additional garbage volumes during this time.
Residents are asked to ensure recycling ends up, and stays, in the blue box. This can be achieved by leaving space (three inches) at the top of the blue box to not overfill it, obtaining another bin to match the amount of material and placing heavier items on top of lighter ones.

To protect waste collectors in Vaughan during the COVID-19 pandemic, residents are reminded to place all personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, and personal hygiene and sanitary products - including wipes and tissues - in the garbage. Do not place these items in the blue box - recycling will not be collected if the box contains any of these items.
The City of Vaughan has launched a Medical Waste Exemption program to help residents who generate additional non-recyclable waste as a result of a medical condition. This new program, which excludes personal protective equipment, will provide eligible residents with 20 additional garbage tags per year at no cost. Program applications are available on the City’s website and will require the signature of a medical professional to verify the need.
Littering and illegal dumping are prohibited and may be subject to a $205 fine. Instances of illegal dumping or littering can be reported to Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281. By-law enforcement officers are proactively patrolling the City for violations of illegal dumping, including inspecting all commercial plazas. Private property conditions are governed by the City's Debris By-law and Property Standards By-law. Those who do not keep their properties clear of litter, waste and debris may be subject to a fine of $5,000 for each offence. As well, the City may have the waste and debris removed at the owner's expense, and it may be subject to an Order to Comply, under the Building Code Act. Failing to comply with an order is a chargeable offence.
By-law officers continue to operate, patrol and respond to calls on a priority basis. The City's recently adopted Emergency Measures By-law - which provides authority to further enforce social and physical distancing measures, in addition to other orders during this state of emergency such as limiting access to public property - is also being actively enforced. Failure to comply with the new by-law is an offence and subject to fines ranging from $500 to $100,000.

A grace period of 90 days has been established for business licence renewals. New businesses are still required to be licensed, and applications may be submitted by email. Event, filming and lottery permits will not be issued at this time.

If an administrative monetary penalty, such as a parking ticket, is received, it can be paid online at  PayVaughanTicket.com . To arrange an alternative method of payment or schedule a dispute appointment, call Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281 within 15 days of receiving it. Scheduled disputes are being conducted over the phone until further notice.

Vaughan Animal Services continues to operate and serve Vaughan, Richmond Hill and King Township communities. Limited access into the Vaughan Animal Shelter is permitted for adoption and pet recovery services, by appointment only. Book your appointment by calling 905-832-2281 or emailing animal.services@vaughan.ca .

By-law officers continue to operate, patrol and respond to calls on a priority basis. Please check vaughan.ca/bylaw for specific updates.
When using reopened amenities, residents must stay at least two metres (approximately six feet) away from others who do not live in their home, avoid congregating in groups of more than 10 people and not share play equipment such as tennis balls and racquets. Some park amenities – including playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, premium/artificial fields and diamonds and the outdoor pool – will remain closed to the public until further notice.

All park violations can be reported to Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281 or via email to accessvaughan@vaughan.ca . Reports of this nature will be referred to the City's By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services department for investigation. Fines in the amount of $105 to $400 under the Parks By-law and $500 to $100,000 under the Emergency Measures By-law may be laid.  
Metrolinx is starting construction on Rutherford Road that will separate the tracks from the road. This means that traffic will no longer have to wait for a train to pass - a major traffic and safety improvement. In order to do this work, there will be some changes to the way you access Rutherford GO Station. There are currently some changes to the way you access and park at Rutherford GO Station:

  • Approximately 130 parking spaces will be closed in the main parking lot closer to Westburne Drive.
  • You will still have access to parking spaces closer to the station building.

Road Closure:
  • A section of Westburne Drive will be closed to accommodate construction. Only local traffic will be allowed through.
  • You will still have access to the station and parking via Westburne Drive turning off Rutherford Road. A temporary station entrance/exit will be available for you to use just north of the road closure.

  • Walkways along Westburne Drive may be adjusted to accommodate construction. Please follow signs to safely get to the station.
Please be advised that Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), is undertaking
the Redelmeier Pond Restoration Project to restore the former pond area to natural valley- land. In the late 1800s, a pond was created by damming the creek for the purpose of building a
mill. The dam deteriorated over time and TRCA is now restoring the creek to its normal function. This restoration project will mitigate flood risk to the public, property and infra-structure, while also creating a naturalized area that will enhance habitat for fish and wildlife, including an endangered species of fish, redside dace.

Construction commenced in June 2020 and is anticipated to be completed in August 2020. Native tree and shrub plantings will follow in the Fall, to be completed by November 2020. View the information sheet here .
A bicycle is considered a vehicle under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) . This means that, as a cyclist, you have the same rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic laws as other road users. A cyclist who violates a traffic law can be stopped by a police officer and this may result in a fine in accordance to the HTA.
It is your responsibility to ensure you:
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs
  • Signal your turn
  • Have a white front light, red rear light or reflector, white reflective tape on the front forks and red reflective tape on the rear forks
  • Have a bell or horn
  • Wear a helmet if under the age of 18 (it’s the law) 

Cycling is a great activity to get around and stay healthy.  Before heading out, here are some guidelines to keep cyclists safe:
  • Keep to the right
  • Pass on the left when safe to do so
  • Let pedestrians know you are approaching with a friendly greeting or by ringing your bell
  • Travel in the same direction as motorists when riding on the road
  • Stop at traffic lights and stop signs
  • Use hand signals to communicate your intentions with motorists and pedestrians

E-bikes, which are similar to bicycles, weigh less than 40 kilograms and require pedaling for propulsion, may be used on all bike paths and trails. Scooter-style e-bikes, and other motorized vehicles, are not permitted on pedestrian and bike paths, sidewalks and trails. For more information about e-bikes in Ontario, please visit the Ministry of Transportation's webpage  on electronic bicycles. For more information, visit here .
The City of Vaughan is now accepting nominations for the 2020 Order of Vaughan – the highest honour the City may bestow on individuals who exemplify extraordinary citizenship. In addition to recognizing the individuals who are bettering the city of Vaughan, the 2020 award is also an opportunity to highlight the remarkable individuals who are stepping up to help citizens, businesses and the community during the global COVID-19 pandemic. If you know someone who deserves to be recognized, nominate them for consideration by September 30. Download the nomination form here . More information available here .
The City’s Curb Appeal Program has begun and is designed to recognize and thank homeowners who demonstrate exceptional pride and effort in the maintenance of their properties. To nominate someone, send the address of the property and a photo to curbappeal@vaughan.ca by Sunday, July 5 . If residents are interested in becoming a volunteer judge for this program, please register by email or calling 905-832-2281.

All properties throughout Vaughan are visited by a group of dedicated community volunteers who evaluate properties. Each year properties can receive one of 750 signs based on the following:
  • Overall aesthetic of the property is visually appealing
  • Property shows the use of variety, colour and textures in plantings and hardscape
  • Design incorporates the use of shade trees
  • Property uses perennials as well as annuals
  • Property shows creativity in design and materials
  • Design uses drought resistant plantings and other environmental measures such as rain barrels to collect water
  • Property uses mulch to help retain moisture
Signs recognizing properties will be placed during the months of July and August. Learn more .
The Economic and Cultural Development department continues to offer front-line services. These have been expanded to include guidance on adapting online business models, consulting on provincial and federal grants, connecting businesses able to supply personal protective equipment with organizations in need and encouraging remote shopping with #ShopVaughanLocal .  Services are offered via telephone, teleconference or online .

On March 17, the City launched the Vaughan Business Action Plan - which includes a series of temporary measures to support businesses, consumers and all citizens. These include:
  1. Support the restocking of store shelves - by suspending noise by-laws and weight restrictions on roads to assist with ensuring stores have items people need.
  2. Enhance the movement of goods - by suspending by-laws restricting the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles, transport trucks, and other vehicles between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. This will allow for 24-hour delivery.
  3. Improve business ground-transportation - by suspending the weight and size of vehicles that can travel on certain roads throughout Vaughan. To ensure the sufficient safe supply of goods to stores.
  4. Suspend the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) - to support the travel and tourism industry by not requiring accommodation providers to charge the MAT at Vaughan properties.
  5. Maintain small business services - by ensuring, where possible, Small Business and Entrepreneurship frontline services are continued (either online or by phone).
  6. A grace period of 90 days was recently established for business licence renewals. New businesses are still required to be licensed. 
  7. The City is waiving the late penalty charge on interim property tax bills. These new measures also apply to non-residential properties.
  8. The City is waiving the planned 2020 water and wastewater rate increases and deferring the annual stormwater charge for 60 days.
Operating the City of Vaughan’s streetlight network represents approximately 20% of the City’s overall energy consumption. The City will be taking steps to reduce energy use and costs by changing approximately 20,000 streetlights from the current high pressure sodium to light-emitting diode (LED) technology through the City-wide LED Streetlight Retrofit Program. 

The program was launched in October 2019 with anticipated completion by December 2020. Many Ward 4 blocks began installation in phase 1, which is substantially complete, and occurred through to April 2020. Most remaining Ward 4 blocks area transitioning installation into May and June. The interactive  Installation Schedule  map shows approximate installation dates as well as completed LED installation. Check the map to see when the streetlight retrofit is scheduled for your community. Learn more here .
The City of Vaughan uses contractors for many of our Summer Maintenance Programs. This year, due to COVID-19, some maintenance services are delayed or on hold. These are updates on some programs:

Boulevard Maintenance - ON TIME
The start of this program begins with boulevards litter being picked up prior to the cutting rotation and continues every 2 weeks. There are 14 rotations scheduled throughout this season and the summer months may have longer rotations due to the slow growth of grass during drought conditions. The City of Vaughan is working with York Region to try to have Regional road boulevards on a similar rotation to City roads.

Storm Water Management Ponds - ON TIME
These areas are cut twice yearly for access purposes - a 10 foot mow strip, which is rough cut only in May/June and September. These ponds are not string trimmed along fence lines or manicured as they serve a purpose in maintaining storm water and require a natural habitat.

Street Sweeping - ON TIME
The City’s street-sweeping program began in late March due to good weather. After this initial spring cleaning, street sweeping continues throughout the summer and into the fall on 20-24 day rotation.

Boulevard Tree Maintenance - DELAYED
The City of Vaughan uses a block pruning rotation to prune trees on entire streets. This includes but is not limited to: removing low hanging limbs, suckers, deadwood, and limbs growing towards houses of all trees on a street. The Block Pruning rotation allows staff to consistently and efficiently maintain safe clearances above roads (approximately 4.5 meters) and sidewalks (approximately 2.5 meters). Street pruning is contracted out to private tree companies.

Currently, regular tree inspections will continue but only hazardous maintenance will be performed on a priority basis. Regular tree maintenance will be suspended until further notice, with stumping and pruning expected to start in early July and planting deferred until September.

Parks and Splashpads - NOW OPEN
Effective June 26 a number of park amenities and splashpads are now open. Splashpads are open Monday to Sunday 9:00am - 8:00pm.

Horticultural Plantings and Baskets - DELAYED
Shrub beds and planting bed maintenance are operating at reduced service levels. All annual plantings, planters and hanging baskets will be phased in as suspensions start to lift.

For more information about Vaughan's Spring and Summer Maintenance Program...
The Summer Maintenance Program is serviced by the City's Public Works Department. Click  here  for more information about the department.
All City-led events have been postponed until further notice. The following events are cancelled or being held virtually: 

Online Business Workshop
Leading in Crisis: When to Iterate vs. Pivot
Hosted by Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Session 1 - July 7
2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Session 2 - July 9
11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Carrville C.C. and
District Park (Block 11)
Virtual Public Information Session
Thursday, July 9
7:00 p.m.

Concerts in the Park
Now Cancelled
Ward 4 Event - July 22
North Thornhill C.C.

Volunteer Recognition
Awards Ceremony
Postponed to
Wednesday, November 25

Please check the  Events  page for the latest updates about non-City led event cancellations.
For a weekly list of COVID-19 Business Support Webinars from across York Region, visit our Vaughan Business website .
The residential final property tax bills that are normally billed in June and due in July, August and September will now be billed in July with installments due August, September and October. The non-residential tax bills will also be issued in July and due August, September and October.

The City also continues to operate its  Seniors, Low-Income Seniors and Low-Income Disabled Persons Property Tax Deferral program  (PDF). The deadline for this program remains September 30.
The City of Vaughan is launching a modified on-site summer camp program to keep kids active, entertained and safe. In-person summer camp programming will feature daily activities geared toward children aged 6 to 12, including outdoor and nature-based play, games, arts and crafts and theme days. 

The in-person program will follow all guidelines and health precautions set out by the Province of Ontario and York Region Public Health, including physical distancing and smaller camp sizes. Each group, with no more than eight campers, will be assigned its own space for defined activity periods, a dedicated washroom and a designated camp counselor who will remain with the same group of children all week. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols have also been implemented. For more information on camp programming or guidelines, visit here .
The City ’s Recreation Services department is launching the Virtual Summer Adventures series this summer to keep kids active, engaged and entertained. City instructors will livestream popular summer camp activities and recreational programs remotely via Zoom. Pre-registration is required. The classes will run from Monday, July 6 to Friday, Sept. 4, 2020. Registration will start on Monday, June 1 at 8:30 a.m. to help kick off Recreation and Parks Month. To view the Virtual Summer Adventures program descriptions and times, visit the Registration Portal.
Recreation Services has launched a new webpage featuring virtual recreation resources to help City of Vaughan residents manage their physical and mental health while social and physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn first aid basics from lifeguards. Sing songs with Vaughan Playschool instructors. Practice your acting, dancing and singing skills with the theatre crew. Colour, craft, cook with our instructors.

Vaughan Fitness instructors are recording video workouts to help keep residents physically and mentally healthy while physical distancing. The free videos will have everything from yoga, barre/chair exercises to Zumba, Pilates, belly dancing and boot camp workouts that you can do in your living room or backyard. Visit @RecVaughan on Instagram for daily updates, including stretching and nutrition tips, along with some healthy recipes from the City’s personal trainers and nutritionists. 
Extreme heat affects everyone. The risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors. To help beat the heat this summer, the City of Vaughan recommends the following tips: 
  1. Stay indoors on a lower floor in your home if possible and out of the sun as much as you can
  2. Close blinds and curtains during the hottest times of the day
  3. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol
  4. Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured and lightweight clothing
  5. Take cool showers or baths
  6. Prepare meals that do not require cooking
  7. Avoid using large appliances such as stoves, ovens and dryers
  8. Check in on elderly family members by phone or video call
  9. Avoid exercising during the warmest parts of the day
  10. Do not leave pets or children in hot cars

As part of the City’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, most facilities, including community centres and swimming pools, continue to remain closed to the public to help prevent the spread of the virus. Splash pads are not supervised and require everyone to take precautions – maintain physical distancing and ensure hands are sanitized before and after use.
All in-house programming from VPL is cancelled until January 2021. VPL branches are now accepting returns on previously borrowed items fine free to September 8. All returned materials will be isolated for 72 hours prior to check in, so please be aware that items will not be removed from accounts quickly.
Temporary library cards are now available and can be obtained by filling in an online form. Click here for more information.

VPL is the first public library system in Ontario to offer curbside pickup. This service will allow patrons to borrow any item currently on the shelf at the pickup location and represents a significant expansion of VPL’s services during the COVID-19 pandemic. VPL will be rotating pickup service between its three largest locations: Bathurst Clark Resource Library, Civic Centre Resource Library and Pierre Berton Resource Library. This program may be expanded in the future based on public demand. Further information on the curbside pickup service, as well as the request form, is available at here .

VPL has launched an online service to support its customers remotely. Ask Us is a virtual service supported by more than 20 VPL staff who are able to help with customer inquiries and offer reading and viewing suggestions by phone, email and social media.There are three ways to Ask Us:
  • By phone at 905-653-READ (7323)
  • On Twitter, Facebook Messenger or Instagram
  • By email through an online form 

Citizens are encouraged to explore VPL's  digital service offerings , including eBooks, eAudiobooks, music, movies and more. Online programming is being offered through Instagram and Facebook . Activities include live-streamed story times, online book clubs and activity videos for kids.

Lynda.com  gives users free access to thousands of video tutorial courses with a focus on such areas as technology, software development, business skills, project management as well as creative skills like animation and video editing. Also available is Transparent Language – a fun and engaging way to learn a new language. The app aims to lock words and phrases into your memory so you can recall them perfectly. French offerings are available through  Cantook Station , customers have access to the nearly 7,000 eBooks in this collection and 39 audiobooks.
#Together Vaughan is a new initiative to support community wellness and virtual togetherness by spreading positivity. Through a collaboration with the City’s Recreation Services department and Vaughan Public Libraries, residents are encouraged to visit the Together Vaughan website for a curated list of resources available to help enrich the body, mind and soul. This webpage is designed to keep people engaged and active during the global pandemic.
The City of Vaughan is committed to providing water and wastewater rates that are sustainable, fair and affordable, while also sufficient for funding the cost of operating and maintaining Vaughan’s infrastructure. As part of this commitment, the City is undertaking a comprehensive review of the current rates and rate structure for the delivery of water and wastewater services to Vaughan residents and businesses.

You are encouraged to take a short survey to assist in the design of a fair and equitable rate structure.
Y ork Region Public Health is encouraging citizens to do the following:
  • Be familiar with and follow travel advice before and after you return from international travel
  • Practice social distancing, which means:
  • Work from home where possible
  • Maintain at least two metres (six feet) of space between you and others (outside of your immediate family)
  • Avoid non-essential trips in the community
  • Limit, postpone or cancel gatherings
  • Keep kids away from group settings
  • Avoid visits to long-term care homes and other care settings (unless you are essential)

Practice good infection prevention and control, including:
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Sneeze and cough into your sleeve
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Increase cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces, such as toilets, faucet handles, doorknobs, countertops, etc., using regular household cleaners
  • Avoid sharing toothbrushes, cutlery, drinks/water bottles and towels
Those who feel unwell and believe they have symptoms related to COVID-19 should contact York Region Public Health or Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.  For additional information on COVID-19, visit York Region's website.
Notice of paving on Major Mackenzie Drive

York Region is continuing to improve Major Mackenzie Drive from Dufferin to Bathurst streets. Crews have been paving, and will continue to work, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. until Saturday, July 11.

The paving work includes:
  • Thursday, July 2 and Friday, July 3: permanent traffic signal work at the intersection of Major Mackenzie Drive and Dufferin Street
  • Monday, July 6 to Saturday, July 11: final paving along Major Mackenzie Drive and Bathurst to Dufferin streets, in sections

During paving work, lanes and driveway access will remain open, however, intermittent lane restrictions will be in effect to accommodate this work. Noise and delays will be experienced. Signage will help direct travellers. Work may be rescheduled due to weather. York Region will provide advance notice whenever possible and efforts to minimize disruptions will be made. More information .
Have your say and provide the City of Vaughan with valuable citizen input that helps contribute to changes and improvements to City services and amenities.

Please take a few moments to complete some of the surveys currently being collected.

New collections have been added to the digital corporate art gallery. Citizens are now invited to take a virtual tour of the popular Plant Earth Series: Treescapes, Waterscapes and Earthscapes.

You can also browse through the latest art installment – SYMBOLIC EXPRESSIONISM | Reflections on Jewish Heritage – recently added to the collection as well. The exhibitions can be viewed on Flickr .
As the weather begins to get warmer and more people are home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Vaughan is reminding pet owners that picking up after your dog is not just the neighbourly thing to do, it’s the law. By-laws are in place to keep the community safe and clean. Read more .
With understanding and some simple precautions, residents can learn to safely coexist with the wild animals who share our backyards. Some tips include:
Be wildlife aware: Know your wildlife neighbours and keep a safe and respectful distance from wild animals.
Do not invite unwanted house guests: Keep your home properly sealed to exclude wildlife.
Be a responsible pet owner: Free-roaming pets are vulnerable to a multitude of dangers.
Do not feed wildlife: Directly or unintentionally feeding a wild animal will increase its tolerance to people and pets.

What to do if a coyote or fox approaches you:
  • Stop: Pick up children and small pets.
  • Stand still: Never run from a coyote or fox.
  • Make yourself big: Wave your hands above your head.
  • Be loud and assertive: Shout, stomp your feet and clap your hands.
  • Slowly back away: Be assertive as you leave, so the animal knows it is not welcome.

Please note it is not legal to move coyotes or other wildlife more than 1 km, as per provincial regulations. For more information or to report a wildlife incident please contact Access Vaughan at 905-832-2281. F or more information, please visit here .
The Way We Were: Archives Collection of the Month
The Northern Railway was built in 1853 and ran from Toronto to Collingwood. For many years, the station located in Concord was called the Thornhill Railway Station. In 1854, the Concord Post Office was established and John Duncan served as the first postmaster for 17 years until 1871. The photo above shows an early location of the Concord Post Office, circa 1854. By 1875, Concord had a population of 600 and began appearing on maps. 

To find out more about the City of Vaughan Archives, visit  Vaughan.ca/archives.
Upcoming Council and Committee Meetings

Electronic-participation Committee and Council meetings continue. While Vaughan City Hall remains closed to the public, citizens are encouraged to participate virtually. Learn more about speaking to Council regarding items on an agenda.

July 7
Committee of the Whole (Public Hearing)
7:00 p.m.

July 8
Special Committee of the Whole
7:00 p.m.

July 13
Committee of the Whole (1)
2:00 p.m.

Committee of the Whole (Public Hearing)
7:00 p.m.

July 15
Special Council
2:00 p.m.

July 22
Heritage Vaughan Committee
7:00 p.m.

Updated meeting calendar and information  here
 Live broadcast  available.
Ward 4 Councillor's Office
Contact My Office:
Sandra Yeung Racco
905-832-8585 ext. 8342
Executive Assistant:
Cindy Furfaro-Benning
905-832-8585 ext. 8198