Race & Christian Community Initiative Newsletter Issue 1, Dec. 2017
Race & Christian Community Initiative

I’m glad to share with you the first newsletter of the Race & Christian Community Initiative at EGC! Thank you for your interest in and support of this ministry.

Over the last year, God has taken what began as a dream and is developing it into a living, breathing ministry. This journey has made clear to me that he is stirring his church and mobilizing us to continue his restorative work in the area of race relations. It is exciting to be a part of what God is doing in the city!

Please see below for updates on where we’ve been thus far, what's ahead, and how you can support this timely ministry.

Megan Lietz
RCCI Program Director
to learn more about how our city has been and continues to be impacted by racism in profound ways.
Highlights from 2017
The RCCI has:

  • Had personal conversations with over 60 leaders of various races and expressions of the Christian faith, inviting them to vision with us and speak into the development of RCCI.
  • Launched a website that reflects our emerging vision and the services we aim to provide.
  • Been piloting a cohort of 8 White Evangelicals committed to doing the self-work needed to grow in their understanding and practice of racial reconciliation.
  • Been connecting to other Christians engaging in issues of race and imagining how RCCI might be able to support these communities. These conversations have resulted in numerous resource referrals and 4 speaking engagements.
  • Been working with EGC staff, in partnership with the Center's leadership team, to explore how we can best model an equitable and inclusive community at EGC. Thus far, we’ve done this through co-leading 3 EGC staff meetings, 2 lunch-time learning opportunities, and over 20 1:1 conversations addressing how we can grow in our engagement of race as a community.
  • Been speaking prophetically to issues of race through the publications of blogs and resource lists that challenge and educate White evangelicals.
Where We're Headed
RCCI will be:
  • Reaching out to organizations engaging issues of racial justice to learn from them and how we can create a program that doesn’t compete with, but complements the work God is already doing in our city.
  • Committing to 4 EGC staff meetings in January 2018 to exploring issues of race. Our time will be facilitated by our friends at the Missions Institute.
  • Developing a multiracial team of advisors, mentors, volunteers, intercessors, editors, and companions for the journey. This will not only provide valuable perspectives and accountability, but lay the foundation for RCCI’s missional community.
  • Launching this ministry publicly by summer 2018.
How to Support
  • Pray: Lift prayers up on behalf of RCCI and consider becoming a member of the prayer team. Click here to see our current prayer requests.
  • Speak into the Initiative: I desire for RCCI to be shaped by the experiences and insights of the community. Offer feedback or request a time to talk by emailing me at mlietz@egc.org.
  • Refer us to a Resource: Do you know of someone or something that would be a resource to RCCI? Help me connect to them so I can learn and be better equipped to foster growth in others.
  • Stay in Touch: Sign up for our quarterly newsletter by clicking here.
  • Volunteer: There is much work to be done. Let’s chat about how you can use your God-given gifts to support RCCI.
  • Give Financially: I am working on raising $55,000 by the end of fiscal year 2019. This money will serve to support RCCI programs and develop a multiracial team. Give here.
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