Thanks to all of you for making race day so much fun! We all know that our world has changed, and as much as we want a return to the past, modifications like trickle-starts and hybrid races will help us continue this wonderful sport of ours.

I confess that I was worried about the "trickle start" (thanks to past SAR President Jim Irish for the term) -- but it seemed to work really well. Friends still got to run with on another, folks got out in the early-morning coolness, the speedsters got a chance to race together, and our late-arriving friends were still able to enjoy the race course.

PHOTOS: In a day or two, you will be able to see hundreds of race photos at the Damion Alexander Team Long Realty page here:

REMEMBER: if you have not yet picked up your race shirt and medal, please visit the Running Shop at 3055 North Campbell before the end of September. Shirts are first-come, first-served. Read below for age-group and overall winner information.

FINALLY: if you have a moment, we'd love your feedback on the race this year -- click here for a 5-question anonymous post-race survey about public health, sponsors, and more.

OK -- thanks all!

Randy Accetta, race director for Southern Arizona Roadrunners
The trickle start led to some interesting race strategy. The men's field saw four speedsters starting at the same time. Overall winner Harry Mulenga took the early lead and ran to a victory in 44:22. Friends Jesse Vondracek and Charlie Ware duked it out, before Vondracek prevailed in 46:04, with Ware a few seconds back in 46:15. Brian LeRoy took the overall master's title in a time of 53:08.

The women's race was a bit more of the staggered start, with athletes racing the clock rather than themselves. First place went to Caroline Mosely in 54:31, followed by 42-year-old Susie Stephen in 55:05. Third place saw Claire Hans cross the line in 57:46.

While Susie Stephen technically was the first over-40 runner she gets taken out due to her second place finish, so the Master's award goes to ageless wonder Janet Holland, in a time of 1:00:41.

All winners and age group winners receive gift certificates to long-time race sponsor The Running Shop. If you're one of these top finishers, please pick up your award before the end of September.

Greg Wenneborg and Grant Wenneborg of managed all the timing -- the trickle start was a bit challenging at times, but they handled the challenges with ease and kindness.
Women's Overall Winners and Age Group Winners
Men's Overall Winners and Age Group Winners
Thanks to all those who helped during race weekend - here's a partial list:
John C Wise
Monica Wendt
Caitlin Vogelsberg
Riva Villaran
Jenny Stulik
Karina Pedroza
Midge Ochart
Judy Miller-Samuels
Lauren Melcher
Thom Martin
Suzanne Mansur
Connie Lopez
Robin Kloth
Michael Kloth
Rachel Hilgeford
Darla Henson
Dayna Hadden
Hal Gensler
Caroline Gardiner
Cynthia Feaman
Lucinda Elliott
Dave Dixon
Didi Coleman
Lorraine‚ Morgan, Chiverton
Laurie Canacakos
Lia Bueno
Mely Bohlman
Cliff Anderson
Mohammed Al-Sammak
Special thanks to the SAR Board of Directors for doing so much of the heavy lifting for this race (literally, when loading the truck) and figuratively, to ensure public health. Pictured here Lauren ErdelyiCaroline GardinerDave Dixon, Kris Fitzharris, Mely Bohlman, Mohammed Al-Sammak, Hal Gensler, Greg Wenneborg, Karina Pedroza, and Don Branaman.
Here's some of volunteer crew wrapping up -- thanks to all those not pictured, including Michelle Hawk and Chris Fall for setting up and breaking down the mile markers and water stops, and ensuring that all worked well on the course. . . .

plus Cliff Anderson for bicycling the route at the end to clean up all the trash and ensure the safety of the final runners . . .

plus Sandy Crusa for managing packet pickup and race morning duties . . .

plus Sharon and the gang at The Running Shop for helping with Saturday . . .

plus the high school students from Mica Mountain XC for handing out water at the 4 mile mark . . .

plus our friends at the Tucson Tri-Girls for so happily managing the water stop at the 7-mile mark!

I'm sure I am missing some of the volunteers, but thanks to all of you!

Special thanks to Tia Accetta for her tireless efforts to produce this race, in the weeks and months beforehand and on race weekend!

  • The Running Shop provided race packet pickup support, with Sharon Bart and the whole staff available to help all runners and walkers snag their race giveaway items.
  • The Running Shop also provided all the age group awards -- thanks to Sharon for being so supportive of this event.
  • Tucson Medical Center provided face coverings, post-race snacks, sunscreen, and other giveaway goodies.
  • Hensley Beverages provided Electrolit sports recovery drink, CocaVida coconut water, and Runa energy drink.
  • AMR provided the ambulance crew on hand to ensure safety -- thanks to them for the early morning race help!

The National Park Service: It is an honor to be able to produce a race on National Park land. Special thanks to Steve Bolyard and the event day crew for helping ensure all of our safety -- and special thanks to Superintendent Leah McGinnis for all the support. And thanks to all the runners and walkers, we were able to provide Saguaro with over $4000 in operating funds.

Friends of Saguaro: This year's event will donate funds to the Friends of Saguaro National Park, whose mission is to help the public discover Saguaro, protect Saguaro, and support Saguaro.

Southern Arizona Roadrunners: This event raises operating funds for SAR and income for the Children's Fitness Fund, an award-based program supporting youth fitness in and around Tucson.
Thanks to Bob Howard for his t-shirt collection
Thanks to Bob, too, for helping us sort out all these recent years . . .
SEPTEMBER 19: TMC Tucson 10k and companion 5k - Pima Community College West

OCTOBER 3: Jim Click's Run n Roll, University of Arizona. Details here.

OCTOBER 24: TMC Get Moving Tucson 15k , 5k, and FitKidz Mile - now at Biosphere 2!

NOVEMBER 25: Thanksgiving Classic - Reid Park
Registration information coming soon!