Please accept a hearty congratulations and big thank you for being part of the Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon and 5k. The race could not take place without you, and we are grateful to all of you for making the effort to spend the weekend with one another in Tusayan!

Speaking of Tusayan, the event also could not take place without the support of the great friends we've made in the Town of Tusayan, including all the folks at the City Manager's office, the Tusayan Fire Department, and the Visitor's Center.

Below is a post-race report, with results, photos, a note on donations, and more (including a discount code for 50% off next year's early-bird pricing for you and friends). But first, here are four quick items:

1) The first batch of Damion's race photos can be found here. Special thanks to Damion Alexander for all the time he has spent on race photos. The first batch of photos are up and he's working on the rest (including the 5k). On your end, if you're still sharing any of your own race photos, please tag @runtucson on your social media feeds!

2) Race results can be found at Our good friend Greg Wenneborg manages all the timing and can make any fixes, so if you see any mistakes let us know and we'll get 'em fixed up.

3) Thank you! Thank you again for joining us at this special location and thank you for the emails we've received -- here's one that cracked us up:

Had a great time in Tusayan for the race weekend. Participated in everything. Great Friday night dinner, fun race - beautiful weather!, bought some beautiful earrings, scored some free beer and snacks. Even went to the Grand Canyon too! Well organized, loved the safety talk (I stayed on the sidewalk, I didn't fall, and I was not like Eric!) Thank you!

4) Post-race survey. We're curious about your experience at the race, so if you have a moment, please take a few moments to answer the questions in this event survey.

As a reminder, we'll put you on our Run Tucson email list; you'll get emails about our upcoming events, running advice, and more. If you ever want to get off the list, please hit unsubscribe or email us and we'll take you off.

Thanks again for being with us this past weekend! We hope you're recovering from your jaunt through the Kaibab National Forest!


--Randy and Tia

Randy Accetta | [email protected]

Tia Accetta | [email protected]

Photos ...

The world-famous Erik, on-course and waving

Ramon not worried about the cold

Photos by Damion

As we said, Damion Alexander our friend from Tucson is still working on getting all the photos online, but here is a link to see what he has so far.

While Damion is a great event photographer, his real job is helping people buy and sell homes, something he's done for over 28 years. (Tia and I know his skill, as he helped us navigate the sale of an elder parent's home during a difficult time last year.)

If you're interested in buying or selling a home in any part of the country, Damion has connections throughout the land and can help. You can find his Long Realty work info here.


Happy friends

Race Report

Overall Fastest in the 5K:

F: Kimmikim Si, 32, Grand Canyon, 23:45

M: Keegan Wadsworth, 16, Phoenix, 27:25

Overall Fastest in the Half:

M: Spencer Busby, 23, Flagstaff, AZ 1:25:22

F: Hana Homolkovă, 27, Czech Republic, 1:34:39

Top Finishers

Our timer, Greg at Roadrunner Race Timing, captured the "gun time" (when the timing system started) and the "chip time" (when you crossed the start line and crossed the finish line) for every runner. You can see 5k and half marathon results by following the links at the Roadrunner Race Timing home page.

Half Marathon Top Finishers:

The top finisher overall was 23-year-old local speedster Spencer Busby from Flagstaff. Spencer is a student at Northern Arizona University and works in the Kaibab National Forest during the summer -- he camped overnight before the race, then hiked a few miles into the Canyon after the race.

Second place overall and first 40+ runner in the men's race went to Tucson's Jose Delgado in 1:26:44. Jose has done this race four years in a row, with a 1:25:56, a 1:25:55, and a 1:31:04 to his credit.

Third place male was 26-year-old Steven Beshay, who came from La Habra, California and ran the course in an excellent time of 1:33:03.

On the women's side, Hana Homolkovă, 27, cruised to an easy victory in 1:34:39. Homolkovă and Vojtěch Sedláček are visiting the U.S. from the Czech Republic and decided to jump into the race.

Course record holder Shannon Porter crossed the line in second place, with a comfortable time of 1:42:34. (Shannon ran the race as a recovery run after her excellent marathon run of 2:36 at the Columbus Marathon last month.)

Elyssa Shalla from the North Rim took third place in a time of 1:56:47, which also made her the first female master's runner.

A note on the trickle start: We've heard from runners of all speeds that the trickle start is enjoyable in that the early starters get to enjoy the course to themselves while also watching the speedsters go past -- and that the speedsters seem to enjoy the company of all runners on the course. We recognize, however, that the trickle start does not provide the celebratory finish for the fastest runner -- but thanks to all of you for being willing to experiment with this new style of racing.

5K Top Finishers:

In the 5k, the top three finishers were Kimmikim Si, 32, from Grand Canyon in first place in a time of 23:45; Nina Johnson, 51, from Tucson in 27:24; and Keegan Wadsworth, 16, from Phoenix in 27:25.


  • Follow these links for a complete list of 5k finishers and half-marathon age-group finishers.
  • As announced earlier, age group awards were provided at the post-race awards ceremony. Unclaimed awards were raffled off to volunteers and others.
  • We do not see any non-binary finishers.
  • Reading the Results Page: As a reminder, neither course is certified. Indeed, the "Total Chip" time for the half are the finishing times for the entire distance from start to finish, which is most likely close to 13.4 miles. The results page also captures the half-marathon split of 13.1, as measured by Trailforks on a bicycle. The "gun" time began at the 8:00 am start.

Muscle up for the forest

Chicago's Ron and Percy leading the way off the line!

Thanks to Volunteers


We are grateful to all of the volunteer help that was provided. From our friends in Tucson to the Tusayan community, it took a lot of folks to put this together:

  • Marty, Brent and the whole crew at the IMAX for allowing us to stage the race at the IMAX facility, including restrooms, beer garden, craft fair, and the pre-race pasta dinner
  • Clarinda Vail (in the red shirt above) for managing the 8.5 mile mark, helping with all the course cleanup, and driving to the Grand Canyon Brewery in Williams to get the beer. Clarinda is the Mayor of Tusayan and has been a friend of this event ever since we started 5 years ago
  • John Vail for managing the 4.5 mile mark aid station
  • Charlie Hendrix the Tusayan Town Manager for all the prep work and the race awards and the Hendrix family for managing the 5k turnaround aid station
  • The Tusayan Fire Department and their friends for making all the pancakes and serving all the beer!
  • Kate Johnson, Captain McCarthy, Chief Brush, and the whole Tusayan Fire Department crew for helping keep us safe
  • The folks at the Kaibab National Forest for allowing us to do this on such a beautiful landscape
  • The Tusayan Town Council for supporting the race
  • All the friends from Tucson's "The Workout Group" running group who handled the registration and finish line: Dave, Erik, Doreen, Connie, and Frank

And of course, thanks to former President of the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce, Laura Chastain, who got us started on this six years ago!


Thanks to your donations, almost $1,000 was raised for the Grand Canyon Food Pantry

Michael A'Hearn

Lourdes Agosto

Natasha Allen

Alejandro Amezquita

Sharon Arft

Andrea Barron

Paul Bays

Adriane Begaye

Alexandra Beresford

Kendal Binion

James Biskup

Rebecca Burch

Janice Burton

Virginia Casner

Melissa Cohen

Karleen Conover

Kezia Cunalata

Anabel De Santiago

Jose Delgado

Perla Diaz

Paul DSouza

Aaron Faith

Tammy Felton

Kaylee Finchum

Margaret France

Renee Goldinger

Maria Fernanda Gomez Palencia

Helen Grant

Paul Gruwell

Fiona Gygi

Hailey Hamilton

Cherokee Hanks

Jonathan Harrison

Amee Hayes

Amee Hayes

Dorian Hernandez

Akasha Holloran

Jenna Honan

Jan Ince

Einar Johnson

Tom Johnson

Kirsten Kennon

Annie Kilby

Anne King

Cherynne Lara

Heather Larrabee

David Larrabee

Renee Makimaa

Kelly Marinick

Duane Marshall

Joe Mero

Annette Monterrosa

Jody Montoya

Caelum Mroczek

Kimberly Murray

Imelda Murrieta

Jackie Nevells

Patrick Powers-Lake

Elizabeth Rambikur

Rose Rhodes

Kim Scott

Elyssa Shalla

Jason Sheperdigian

Starla Stanley

Joshua Taylor

Shlomo Vidal

Tony Villarreal

Kirsten Wadsworth

Helena Wayt

Amy Weber

Tylah Wildey

Kristy Wojnicki

Carol Wolfe

Natalie Wolfe

Janet Wooddancer-Fisher

Thanks to your donations, almost $1,000 was raised for the Tusayan Fire Department, with additional funds raised by the Beer Garden and Pancake Breakfast!

Lydia Abernethy

Ellie Anderson

Pamela Baca

Sherri Begay

Patricia Beltran

Julia Bucy

Laura Buzbee

Gilbert Castaneda

Rachael Clark

Kyle Copeland

Maureen Costello

Mika Dahiya

Laura Davila

Robert Dobos

Karen Dobos

Randi Englert

Miguela Ford

Beatriz Franco

Debra Haber

Aaron Hague

Rebecca Hardenburgh

Erin Hoover

Colton Hutchinson

Tomás Johnson


Nathan Landavaso

Leah Lara

Hong Lee

Susan Lucas

Jesus Lucas

Rory Maciulla

Joseph Martinez

Mark Matusko

Jessica McKenna

Michael Miles

Steven Nevells

Bryce Nicoll

Derek Olson

Gianna Pray

Sally Ring

Erik Sanders

Chelsie Schanz

James Seballos

Christina Snyder

Natalie St. Clair

Kacie Staples

Julie Taylor

Kurt Wagennan

Ian Wolfe

Mary Woolf


2024 Discount Code: IDidIt

It's a bit early to start planning, but you can use this discount code of IDidIt for a 50% discount to the 2024 edition. This discount code is good through December 31, 2023. Current pricing is $60 for the half-marathon and $30 for the 5k.

NOTE: all 2023 deferrals are already in the 2024 database. To those who couldn't make race day, we're sorry to have missed you, but you can use the coupon code to save 50% on the 2024 fees.

Registration is here:

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